Mexico is home to some of the best tropical saltwater flats fishing anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a novice saltwater angler or an expert chasing Permit, Mexico has something to offer every fly fisherman. It’s also easy to get to from anywhere in the US, relatively inexpensive, and the perfect place for a week-long fishing trip. From Permit to Bonefish to Tarpon and more, Mexico truly has it all. 

If you’re convinced and ready to start looking at lodges, visit our Mexico Travel page here. We’ve spent weeks in Mexico and have hand-selected the best operations in the region. Trust us, the fishing trip of a lifetime starts here. 

If you’ve already planned your trip and want some expert advice, you’ve come to the right place, too. Choosing the right flies for Mexico can be a gamechanger. The difference between catching fish and having a successful trip often comes down to fly choice. Most lodges in the region require you to bring your own terminal tackle so we’ve constructed this post to help you choose the best flies for the job. 

While some travel fly fishing companies keep import destination-specific information from you until AFTER you book, we’ve always been driven to provide the best information to the public angler at absolutely no cost to you. That being said, we’re not a blog or a review site so if this post helps make your next trip a success, consider booking with us. 

Permit Flies for Mexico

Bonefish Flies for Mexico

Tarpon Flies for Mexico

Snook Flies for Mexico

ALL of these flies can be purchased on our website. 

The Best Permit Flies for Mexico

EP Spawning Shrimp Fly

  • This is a great Permit fly in Mexico. The tuft of orange resembles a shrimp in spawning mode and catches the attention of a passing Permit. 

Squimp Fly

  • The Squimp is a well-known crossover between a shrimp and a crab. Use this fly for Permit and Bonefish in Mexico. 

Raghead Crab Fly

  • One of our favorite crab flies, this simple pattern settles in a defensive position and features great action in the water due to its rubber legs and lifelike profile. 

EP Crab Fly

  • Similar to the Raghead, this crab fly has a little more color with longer legs and a lifelike crab body. 

EP Fleeing Crab Fly

  • The coolest part of this pattern is the lifelike claws that move in the water to imitate a fleeing crab. This fly also comes with a hook guard to keep your fly from fouling. 

Cathy’s Fleeing Crab Fly

  • You can’t ever bring too many crab patterns to Mexico! The Cathy’s Fleeing Crab comes in a few different sizes and imitates a small tan crab. 

The Best Bonefish Flies for Mexico

Crazy Charlie Fly

  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes, this is a must-have Bonefish fly for Mexico. It’s a simple shrimp imitation that drives Bonefish mad. 

Gotcha Fly

  • The Gotcha is similar to the Crazy Charlie but features a more full profile and a small, flashy tail for higher visibility when the water is off color. 

Chicone’s Bone Appetite Fly

  • Another shrimp pattern, this one has rubber legs for those picky bonefish looking for a larger meal. Available in pink and tan to imitate a couple of different shrimp colors. 

Kung Fu Crab Fly

  • Bonefish eat crabs, too. The Kung Fu Crab is a great Bonefish pattern and features lifelike claws, rubber legs, and a hook guard. 

Bonefish Bitters Fly

  • The Bonefish Bitters is a small crab imitation that has become famous for its simplicity, large head, and enticing profile in the water.

The Best Tarpon Flies for Mexico

Tarpon Toad Fly 

  • Perhaps the most famous Tarpon pattern available, this is an old favorite for good reason. The wide head profile suspends this fly in the water column and makes it a great choice for cruising Tarpon. 

Megalopsicle Fly

  • The brightly-colored Megalopsicle catches the attention of a feeding Tarpon from a long way off. These flies are tied on strong hooks to help you bring that large fish to the boat.

EP Tarpon Streamer Fly

  • The EP Tarpon Streamer comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect fly for imitating a variety of tropical baitfish found in mangroves and on the flats. 

EP Tarpon SP Fly

  • This suspended shrimp pattern is an ideal fly for large, cruising Tarpon. The lightweight head keeps the fly up in the water column similar to the Tarpon Toad. 

Tarpon Toad II Fly

  • The Tarpon Toad was such a popular pattern they had to make a second iteration! This one is thinner, comes in more colors, and has a dual-tone color scheme on some models. 

The Best Snook Flies for Mexico

EP Needle Fish Fly

  • Snook feed on these small, thin fish near the surface and this pattern has a nice red gill plate to pull Snook out of the mangroves. 

EP Top Water Shrimp Fly

  • This fly creates a commotion on the surface and attracts fish in a variety of environments. Plus, topwater eats are hard to beat. 

EP Peanut Butter Fly

  • The Peanut Butter can be used for a multitude of species and is another great baitfish fly pattern to add to your arsenal. 

This list should get you started down the right fly path for Mexico. This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have a favorite pattern that we missed, let us know in the comments below. And, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us here at the shop at (888)413-5211 or email us anytime at [email protected].