Tips for tying the Gotcha Shrimp Fly Pattern including a materials list, instructional video, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.


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The Gotcha Shrimp may be one of the most popular Bonefish flies on the planet. Not only is it one of the most effective saltwater fly patterns that exists but it's also pretty simple to tie. This pattern is popular for Permit and Bonefish feeding on the flats and this rubber leg variation creates an irresistible profile in the water. If you're traveling south this winter to fish the flats, you're going to want to tune in as Jared ties this popular pattern.


We've put together a kit that contains all the materials you need to tie this exact fly pattern.

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Step One:

Start your Mono Thread and tie in the Bead Chain Eyes. Create a small thread bump with the Mono and pull the Bead Chain Eyes into the bump. Secure the eyes with a series of figure 8 wraps and wrap your thread toward the point of the hook.

Step Two:

Tie in the Krystal Flash and wrap it forward to create the body. Measure the tail so it extends a hook gap farther than the bend of the hook. Advance your thread behind the eyes then fold the flash back over the hook shank and wrap back to the tail. Advance the thread to behind the eyes and wrap the flash up the hook shank. Figure 8 the flash through the eyes and tie it off in front of the eyes.

Step Three:

Reinforce the body of the fly with Loon Fly Finish. The fly finish will add weight to the Gotcha to help the fly sink on a sandy flat. Add layers to continue the taper of the fly. Coat the entire body.

Step Four:

Cure the Loon Fly Finish with a UV light while rotating the fly to keep the coat even. The UV Light should cure the fly finish in roughly 5-10 seconds. The finish also adds durability to the fly.

Step Five:

Tie in the Craft Fur. Cut a chunk of Craft Fur and strip out the uneven hairs. Stack the tips and measure the fur so it's slightly longer than the tail of the fly. Invert the hook and tie in the Craft Fur right in front of the eyes.

Step Six:

Invert the hook and loop the Crazy Legs around the head of the fly and tie them backward. Add a few extra wraps to create the head of the fly then use Loon Fly Finish and the UV light to add durability to the head of the fly.

Step Seven:

Whip finish and trim the Crazy Legs so they extend just past the end of the tail. And that's how you tie the Gotcha Shrimp, a phenomenal pattern for Permit and Bonefish and a very easy pattern to tie.


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