Learn how to tie the Butterfly including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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Borski's Butterfly is a pattern that's similar to the Borski Slider, a Redfish fly we've already tied on our channel. The Butterfly is another phenomenal Redfish pattern and fools large fish in muddy marsh-like environments. This is a great fly for Redfish along the eastern coast of the US and even as far south as Louisiana. Learn the steps necessary for crafting the perfect Butterfly Streamer including a materials list, recommendations, and more.


We've put together a kit that contains all the materials you need to tie this exact fly pattern.

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Step One:

Wrap the lead wire to create an underbody and keel for the fly. Take roughly 7-8 wraps and break off the excess lead wire. Position the lead wire in the center of the hook shank as pictured above.

Step Two:

Secure the lead wire in place by wrapping it with thread to create the underbody of the fly. After thoroughly securing the lead wire to the hook shank with thread wraps, add extra durability with UV cure fly finish.

Step Three:

Invert the hook shank and tie in the Cream Craft Fur. Choose a sizeable chunk of the Craft Fur and strip out the fuzzy fibers. Measure the fur to extend roughly 1.5x the hook shank and cut the butts to encourage a clean tie-in point. Wrap your thread forward to secure the Craft Fur in place.

Step Four:

Using your Copic Sketch Markers, add barring to the Craft Fur. Use the brown chisel-tipped marker first to add larger brown bars then fill in a black line to add contrast.

Step Five:

Tie in the hackle and wrap it forward to create the collar of the fly. Prep your hackle by stripping the butts then tie it in with the concave side facing away. Wrap the hackle forward using touching turns while stroking the fibers backward as you go. Snip the excess hackle after you're satisfied with the shape and fullness of the collar.

Step Six:

Color your thread black and tie in the weed guard. Choose a piece of stout tippet or mono for a weed guard and prep it by pinching the end in your vise or with pliers to form a delta. Color your thread black, create a head on the fly, and tie in the weed guard on top of the hook shank. Take a few wraps in front and a few wraps behind the weed guard to secure it in place.

Step Seven:

Whip finish and add UV fly cure to the head of the fly for durability. Cure it with your UV light and you're done! That's Borski's Butterfly. This pattern can be tied in a variety of colors and sizes for Bass, Snook, Redfish, and more. We hope you enjoyed Jared's rendition of the Butterfly - be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more fly tying tutorials!


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