earn how to tie the Sucker Spawn fly pattern, including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly-tying skills here.

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The Sucker Spawn is a quick-to-tie, effective pattern that requires a few sparse ingredients. Incredibly effective during the sucker spawn when trout are gorging on sucker eggs, the Sucker Spawn also acts as a general attractor that successfully imitates a cluster of eggs. We’re tying it with red thread and chartreuse Mcflyfoam, but alter the color, size, and weight to best suit your local environment.


Step One

Establish a base by running the thread below the eye to the bend to start the pattern.

Step Two

The Sucker Spawn’s body consists of Mcflyfoam yarn. Pinch-wrap, the tip-end at the hook’s bend, then cover it with thread, leaving the tag-end facing rearward and uncovered.

Step Three

Continue building the body by pinching the Mcflyfoam’s tag-end to form a small loop, then tying the loop on top of the shank near its bend.

Step Four

Once again, form a slightly larger loop after the previous one, then secure it, followed by two additional oval loops. Their heights should incrementally increase as you reach the shank’s center.

Step Five

Complete the body by rounding off two more loops that taper down as you near the eye, then pinch-wrap the fabric's end and clip the excess.

Step Six

Build a small head in front of the Mcflyfoam, then secure a whip finish. Now it’s time to fish