Learn how to tie the Atomic Worm fly pattern including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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Bloodworms are common in most bodies of water and make easy meals for trout. The Atomic Worm is an excellent bloodworm imitation, easy to tie, and requires only a few materials. It is a great pattern to drop off hoppers or under an indicator and is equally effective in stillwater as in moving water. Trout crush this fly!

Material List

Step One

Begin the pattern by laying a thread base from below the hook’s eye to the bend.

Step Two

We are using vinyl rib for the Atomic Worm’s body. Tie a section of material by the tip and below the eye with the arc facing outward, then cover the fabric with thread. Be sure to leave the uncovered rear material intact.

Step Three

Make overlapping wraps with the vinyl rib up the shank, then tie off right below the head.

Step Four

Create the Atomic Worm’s head by simply running the thread between the eye several times.

Step Five

The Atomic Worm is ready to hit the water after securing the head with a whip finish.