Learn how to tie the Tarpon Toad fly pattern including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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The Tarpon Toad is a fly that has long been used to target the Silver King. This is a fly that's great for a variety of Tarpon scenarios including casting at laid up fish or cruising fish. Jared ties a slight variation here that also works well for Bass, Stripers, and other predatory fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Tune in as Jared shows you step-by-step how to tie the Tarpon Toad with a slight twist.


Step One:

Start your thread and tie in the Black Rabbit Strip so it extends off of the back of the hook shank. Using your Mono Thread, anchor the Rabbit Strip just above the bend in the hook and tie it in on top of the hook shank.

Step Two:

Add Loon UV Clear Fly Finish to the top and sides of the Rabbit Strip to make sure it doesn't fowl in the water. Spread the cure with the tip of your needle and hit it with your UV light to anchor the Rabbit Strip in place.

Step Three:

Tie in your Ice Dub right in front of the Rabbit Strip. Take two loose turns around the Ice Dub then use your thread and fingers to manipulate it 360 degrees around the hook shank so it's evenly spread.

Step Four:

Repeat Step Three with another chunk of Ice Dub.

Step Five:

Next, tie in the Minnow Brush just in front of the Ice Dub. Wrap your thread forward and fold the tip of the wire brush back for extra support. Wrap over the folded back tag end of the brush then advance your thread to just behind the eye of the hook.

Step Six:

Wrap the brush forward taking touching turns to create the body of the fly. Make sure your fibers are splayed out while wrapping to get a wide fly profile. Once you wrap the brush to the eye of the hook, tie it off and helicopter off any excess wire.

Step Seven:

Use a dubbing needle to pick out fibers that got trapped while wrapping. You can also use the dubbing needle and your fingers to spread the fibers out so they all extend sideways to create the flat profile of the fly.

Step Eight:

Place some Loon UV Clear Fly Finish on the body of the fly to reinforce the wide, flat profile. This will keep the brush fibers spread out in the water and over multiple outings on the water.

Step Nine:

Use your tying scissors to trim the body of the fly to continue to build the body taper. Using your hook eye as a guide, trim any errant fibers to give the Tarpon Toad a rounded look.

Step Ten:

And that's it! That's our variation on the Tarpon Toad that can be tied in a multitude of colors and used to target a variety of fish. While it's a great pattern for Tarpon, it can also be a productive fly for Smallmouth Bass, Redfish, and other species.


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