Learn how to tie a Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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This surface popper is a stellar fly for predatory fish looking for a large meal. Bass are ambush feeders which means you can get their attention pretty easily with a large fly that moves a lot of water. This frog-like imitation is a great way to target Bass that are layed up in shallow water or Bass that are feeding in weed beds. This fly is tons of fun to tie and is a must-have for all you Bass fly anglers out there. Tune in as Jared teaches how to tie the Surface Seaducer Double Barrel Popper with step-by-step instructions and more.

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Step One:

Start your thread and build a small thread base. Add thread bumps so that the superglue has something to grab onto when you put the head of the fly on in the next step. Whip finish your thread and cut it off.

Step Two:

Bore a hole in the Seducer Popper Body and attach it to the hook. Use your bobbin to stick a hole through the Seducer Popper Body then coat your thread base with superglue. Push the Popper Body onto the hook, spin it around the hook to make sure the superglue is evenly spread, and let the superglue dry to hold the Popper Body in place.

Step Three:

Use the Copic Markers to color the Popper Body. You can use a number of color combinations on this fly, we chose Fire-Tiger. We used orange for the underbelly, yellow on the sides, and green on top with a red mouth. We then added black marks on top of the head of the fly for dimension and detail.

Step Four:

Tie in Black Flashabou to create the tail of the fly. Choose a good-sized chunk of flash, double it over on your thread, and tie it in just behind the head of the fly. After you tie in the flash, you can use your scissors to taper it to create a lifelike profile.

Step Five:

Grab two matching Saddle Hackle Feathers in barred yellow and tie them in on opposite sides of the hook shank. These feathers will act like frog legs in the water. Strip out the fuzzy parts of the feathers and tie them in back-to-back so they splay out. After catching the feathers with a few loose wraps, manipulate the feathers so they're in the right place before tying them down.

Step Six:

Next, tie in the Rubber Legs. Choose two long strips of 2x Rubber Legs and tie them in on the side of the hook shank closest to you just in front of the tail. Rotate the hook in the vise and tie them in on the other side of the hook shank so they're evenly distributed. When you separate and cut the legs later on they should produce equally proportioned legs, two doubled-up back-facing legs, and two doubled-up forward-facing legs.

Step Seven:

Tie in a fluorescent yellow Marabou Blood Quill and wrap it to add dimension to the body of the fly. Prep the marabou by stripping out the fuzzy fibers and clipping the tip. Tie the tip in just in front of the tail and wrap it forward while stroking the fibers back. Just take a few wraps as this is mostly a filler material.

Step Eight:

Next, choose an orange hackle (you can also use Schlappen) and tie it in just in front of the yellow blood quill. Take a few wraps forward making sure the fibers of the feather fold back. Tie off the hackle and snip the excess.

Step Nine:

Finally, tie in one more chartreuse hackle. Repeat Step Eight to tie in the chartreuse hackle. Make sure this last hackle fills the gap between the tail of the fly and the head of the fly. Tie off the hackle as close to the head as possible.

Step Ten:

Put the eyes on the fly and cut and separate the rubber legs. After whip finishing, cut the rubber legs and use your bodkin to separate them. Put some glue in the eye holes on the Popper Body and glue in the Fish-Skull Living Eyes. Use your bodkin to position the eyes and to hold them down for several seconds so the glue dries.

Step Eleven:

Coat the head of the fly with Loon UV Clear Fly Finish for extra durability. Make sure the epoxy is spread evenly over the entire head of the fly and use a UV light to cure the epoxy.

Step Twelve:

After you've used your UV light to fully cure the epoxy, you're done! That's the Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper, a great fly for Bass, Pike, and other predatory freshwater fish.


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