If you follow our blog, you’ve seen our recent posts about how to choose fly fishing gear for a specific species. We’ve posted about how to choose the best fly rod for Bonefish here:

and how to choose the best fly reel for Bonefish here:

In our mission to provide our customers and readers with the most well-rounded information possible, we’ve decided to continue these species-centered posts, this time with fly lines.

Bonefish are one of the most popular gamefish in tropical saltwater environments. These fish offer a challenging target to anglers who prefer sight fishing and careful wading. Bonefish have a mixed diet of crabs, shrimp, small baitfish, and more and are often found tailing on sandy flats. Because they’re found in tropical saltwater conditions, choose a tropical saltwater fly line. Seems intuitive, right? 

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Rod Choice

Choosing a fly line for Bonefish often depends on rod choice, too. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Generally, a heavier fly line loads a fast action fly rod more easily. 
  • A fly line with a short, aggressive front taper (SA Titan Series, for example) partnered with a fast action rod is great for shooting a lot of fly line quickly. 
  • A fly line with a long, gradual taper that’s true to line weight is ideal for carrying a lot of line in the air especially when partnered with a medium-fast action rod. 

Delicacy and Stealth

When you’re choosing a fly line for Bonefish, stealth matters. Anglers often need to land a fly in shallow, clear water without spooking a fish when wading the flats, and even when fishing from a boat. Catching these fish hinges on an accurate cast that lands delicately without spooking the target. Some fly lines that are delicate and stealthy include:

Big Flies and Close Shots

If you prefer a line with a short, aggressive front taper that loads a fast action rod easily at short range for close shots at Bonefish, here are a few recommendations. These lines are also ideal for throwing larger flies in windy environments. 

Cortland Tropic Plus Bonefish
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Grand Slam
RIO Premier Bonefish Quickshooter

Small Flies and Long Distance Casting

If you’re an angler who enjoys casting a rod with a moderate or medium-fast action and presenting flies delicately at longer distances, a lighter line with a longer front taper will increase your chances of success. These lighter lines are also great choices if you plan on fishing smaller flies in an area without a lot of wind. 

RIO Elite Bonefish
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish

Key Takeaways

The key takeaways here are that choosing a fly line for Bonefish depends on rod choice, fishing conditions, fly choice, and angler preference. If you have questions and want to discuss fly lines for Bonefish in greater detail, please feel free to reach out via email to [email protected] or by phone at (888) 413-5211.