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Last time around, Cheeky came out as one of our favorite reels with the Mojo. This year, we’re testing the value-based Cheeky Boost. Cheeky introduced the Boost to give customers a more wallet friendly option. Can it live up to the legacy?

8-Weight Shootout Full Results


7.0 ounces. A great weight!


The Boost brings about 3.5lbs of drag to the table, which is… not much. Worse, only about 1.7lbs of it is readily accessible. At the halfway mark, you’re at a mere .4lbs or 11%. The drag probably would have been ok if it had stopped there, but it doesn’t. It goes all the way down to .01lbs. It’s great if you want to get a really, really, long drift…

Drag Test Graphs


The Boost has a silent incoming retrieve and a nice, but muted outgoing.

Spool & Retrieval Rate

One of the best things about the old Mojo was its spool. 5 years ago, it was a leader. The Boost 400 is no slouch either. The spool design is definitely its best feature, picking up line at 9.6 inches per turn, it’s in the top 3rd of all reels tested. It’s also got a very reasonable amount of capacity.

Looks & Ergonomics

I’ve said this before – Cheeky reels are love’em or hate’em. It’s boldly colored and definitely stands out on the water. Personally, I like it, but then again I don’t own many jet black reels. One thing that I don’t love on the Boost is the drag knob – it’s just too thin and small to grab easily. The handle is decent, but doesn’t really stand out in any way.

Finish and durability

The finish on the Boost is not the toughest. It was pretty easy to see both drop and drag marks. These issues were just cosmetic though.


Lifetime to the original owner + $0. Great!

Price: $229


The Cheeky Boost 400 is in a tough spot. It’s priced the same as the ridiculously good Orvis Hydros SL. Get this reel if you’re a fan of Cheeky’s progressive brand and bold looks. They’ll stand behind their product and you’ll have some much cooler looking fishing photos.

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