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One of the primary tools on the market for single-hand Skagit casting, Airflo’s Skagit Scout Floating Fly Line is key in those tight spots where you can’t help but swing a fly. Designed for long effortless casts in tight areas, the Scout will load your rod well and remain stable throughout the cast all while effectively carrying your loop. A compact head that’s able to be used both single-hand Skagit casting and on switch rods, this is a versatile Skagit head that can be used to pursue anything from steelhead, to trout, to smallmouth. 



Power Core and PolyFuse XT - The Skagit Scouts are outfitted with Airflo’s Power Core and Polyfuse XT technologies. With Airflo’s Power Core, this head has a super strong construction that reduces stretch and memory all while increasing sensitivity. And the PolyFuse XT technology is a dual layer process that increases accuracy by really dialing in the volume and density of each coat. Put these two together and you get a workhorse head that can do just about anything, and to prevent confusion on the water, Airflo makes each weight a different color. 



Streamers, Spey Flies, and Wet Flies - Providing as much versatility in fly selection as it does in casting situations, Airflo’s Skagit Scout Heads let you fish most subsurface flies in your box. Whether you’re looking to swing a Wooly Bugger under a low-hanging bow or rip Marabou Muddler through a nice run, this head can do it all. With its compact construction, the Scout prevents you from being limited by your surroundings, and being made in such a vast range of grains, this head lets you do anything from swing a small Peacock and Partridge to presenting a classic Spey fly. 



Cold/Moderate - Airflo created their Skagit Scout as a Skagit head that can tackle most freshwater scenarios. Perfect for fishing anything from winter trout to summer bass, this fly line can handle most cold to moderate temperatures, but it’s not a head that you can take to warmer climates because of it softening up. 



More Mass Toward the Front of the Head - Airflo spent a good bit of time perfecting their Skagit Scout series and their tapers so that you can fish it in those tight spots without issue. One of the main benefits to Airflo’s Skagit Scout line is that it’s a shorter, more compact head that allows you to carry your loop throughout the entirety of your cast. This is a result of properly-placed mass that effectively loads your road to let you fire off a clean cast whether you’re casting a single-hand Skagit setup or Switch rod. Its taper also prevents your head from turning over too quickly, a problem common with most shorter Skagit heads. Ready for a range of fish, rods, and environments, the Skagit Scout series comes in grain weights 150-540, and you’ll find that it’s a great addition to any wallet. 


More Info

Best for: Freshwater, Trout Spey and Steelhead

Loops: Front welded loop (leader or sink tip to fly line connection) and back welded loop (running line to shooting head connection)

Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
150gr13.5ft150gr13.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
180gr14.5ft180gr14.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
210gr14.5ft210gr14.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
240gr15ft240gr15ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
270gr15ft270gr15ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
300gr15.5ft300gr15.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
330gr15.5ft330gr15.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
360gr16.5ft360gr16.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
390gr16.5ft390gr16.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
420gr17.5ft420gr17.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
450gr17.5ft450gr17.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
480gr18.5ft480gr18.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
510gr18.5ft510gr18.5ftFloatingWasabi Green$59.99
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