Airflo Skagit Scout Fly Line

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As casting with Skagit heads with short two-hand rods and single-hand rods continues to grow in popularity, the need for a line specialized for the task grew with it. The Skagit Scout is the shortest head we have ever produced. It’s the perfect length for easy casts on your favorite switch rod, compact spey, or one-hand spey rod. Its extra-compact length requires minimal casting room, opening up water previously un-fishable by longer lines. The Skagit Scout comes in a wide range of sizes from 150gr to 540gr. As with all Skagit-style heads, it is exclusively designed to be used with a sink tip. Pair it up with a few of our sink tips (or PolyLeaders for the smallest sizes) to dial-in your favorite fly-swinging fisheries!
Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color Price  
150gr 13.5 150gr 13.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
180gr 14.5 180gr 14.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
210gr 14.5 210gr 14.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
240gr 15 240gr 15 Floating Wasabi $59.99
270gr 15 270gr 15 Floating Wasabi $59.99
300gr 15.5 300gr 15.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
330gr 15.5 330gr 15.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
360gr 16.5 360gr 16.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
390gr 16.5 390gr 16.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
420gr 17.5 420gr 17.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
450gr 17.5 450gr 17.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
480gr 18 480gr 18 Floating Wasabi $59.99
510gr 13.5 150gr 13.5 Floating Wasabi $59.99
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