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Pflueger, founded in 1881, has a storied history in the fishing industry. Pflueger was originally born as a fish hook company called Enterprise Manufacturing. Enterprise was inherited by Earnest A. Pflueger who changed the company’s name and broadened its reach in the fishing industry. In 1916, Pflueger designed and released the first Pflueger Baitcast reel - the company’s start in fishing reels. Over the course of the 20th century, Pflueger continued to introduce new products and enter into new avenues of the fishing industry. Today, Pflueger is a well-known name and produces both conventional reels and fly reels. One Pflueger fly reel that has stood the test of time is the Pflueger Medalist. Pflueger has continued to improve upon the Medalist’s original design and the result has been a reel that endures.

The Medalist combines traditional reel design with contemporary innovation. Today’s Medalist is fully machined to improve durability. The Medalist also has an improved multi-position click and pawl system that pays homage to the fly reels of old. With a quick release spool, polymer handle, and a standard arbor design, the Medalist is truly a modern classic. Whether you’re looking for a classic reel for a classic rod or you enjoy the technique and history of click and pawl, the Medalist won’t let you down.

Pflueger also makes a reel series that conforms to contemporary industry standards. The Pflueger Patriarch is a lightweight, large arbor, high-performance fly reel. The Patriarch is versatile and designed to be fished in both fresh and saltwater. Sealed drag is a huge modern advancement in the saltwater fly fishing industry. The Patriarch is caught up with this advancement and sports a fully sealed carbon drag and bearing. The Patriarch also boasts a precision high-grade machined aluminum build to add durability and functionality to a modern reel design by Pflueger. The Patriarch is a stellar option for a variety of fly fishing scenarios.

Pfluger makes a few other fly reel models. The Pflueger President is a testament to Pflueger’s ability to create lightweight reels that encourage smooth performance. The Supreme QRS is a reel with a quick release spool that’s practical on the water when targeting multiple species. Pflueger’s entry-level reel series’ include the Trion and Monarch. These reels are a great way for novice anglers to learn to fly fish at an affordable price-point.

Pflueger also makes a variety of conventional reels, baitcasting reels, and even spin casting reels. Pflueger has honed design and production over the course of the company’s dynamic history. Today, they’re producing some of the finest products in the world of fishing. We’re excited to see what their technological advancements produce next. If you haven’t yet fished with a Pflueger reel, the time is now! Shop Pflueger reels at Trident with our price match guarantee and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.