Pacific Salmon are loads of fun to catch on a fly rod. Whether you're targeting Silvers in Alaska or King Salmon on a Great Lakes Tributary, these fish are incredibly strong and can be tricky to fool. Many anglers adopt a swinging approach when targeting Salmon with a fly rod and two-handed Spey fishing is a great tactic. A lot of the flies listed below are streamers that are particularly productive when swung. That being said, Salmon can also be fooled using dead-drift techniques so we've included some egg flies, too.

If you're trying to build a Pacific Salmon setup, starting with the right fly rod and reel will go a long way. We've already covered how to choose the best fly rod for Pacific Salmon here. Plus, which fly reel is best and which fly line is best. Partner those posts with this one and you'll have all the information needed to successfully target these entertaining fish.

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The Flies

As we mentioned above, most Pacific Salmon can be fooled with streamers. Swinging streamers is our preferred approach when targeting these fish but there are times when a dead-drifted egg can be productive, too, especially in the Great Lakes Region. Here are our top flies for Pacific Salmon. If we've left your favorite Salmon fly off the list, leave us a comment below!

Egg Sucking Crystal Leech

  • The Egg Sucking Leech is a classic pattern, ideal for targeting Salmon during the spawn. This fly can be dead-drifted or swung and triggers defensive strikes by Salmon protecting their redds.

Soft Egg

  • The Soft Egg is one of the best egg patterns for targeting King Salmon and Silver Salmon when they're in the river. Salmon mouth (and actually eat) eggs when they're in the river (especially Coho Salmon) until they start the spawning process and begin to die.

Bunny Leech Streamer

  • Similar to the Egg Sucking Leech, this is a different leech pattern that also works well when targeting Pacific Salmon. Leeches are prevalent during the spawn and feed on eggs (like trout) so Salmon often swipe at them defensively to protect their redds.

Kreelex Minnow

  • Sometimes all it takes to fool a Silver salmon is some flash and color. This streamer doesn't necessarily imitate anything specific, but grabs the attention of a fish with its flashy profile.

Dolly Llama Streamer

  • Similar to the Kreelex, a brightly-colored Dolly Llama is deadly when targeting fresh Silver Salmon. These Salmon seem to key in on pink and purple and take this fly really well on the swing, especially in Alaska.

Extractor Mini Fly

  • The Extractor is a smaller, simple intruder pattern that's perfect for targeting Salmon with Spey rods. This fly swings beautifully and has a trailer hook for increased hookup rates.

Silveynator Tube Fly

  • This version of the Egg Sucking Leech provides anglers more versatility and the freedom to choose, replace, and sharpen hooks. Tube flies are great for Spey fishing or single-handed rods and allow you to replace a hook after catching multiple fish.

Micro Spawn Fly

  • The Micro Spawn Fly is another egg pattern that imitates an egg clump. These clumps are prevalent during the spawn and the Micro Spawn offers a larger egg imitation to catch the attention of a Salmon on a redd.


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