T&T released the Exocett in 2017 as their flagship saltwater series. Since then, the Exocett has been a staple saltwater rod in the quiver of many anglers and has endured as one of the highest performing rods on the market. The Exocett has been put to the test time and again in the past year and still outranks much of the competition. Read on to find out why the T&T Exocett has risen to the top in the ever-changing saltwater fly rod market.

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Fit and Finish

T&T is known for high-end componentry and incredible craftsmanship. The Exocett is no departure from that tradition. The rod has a useful-sized fighting butt, a classic brushed anodized aluminum T&T reel seat, and a practical Full Wells grip. The Exocett also boasts a stylish matte blue blank with alignment dots. The matte blank of the Exocett works to minimize sun reflection and is representative of T&T’s extreme attention to detail when designing the Exocett.


The Exocett is extremely light in hand (3.78 ounces), and has one of the lowest saltwater 8wt swing weights out there (81.5 gm2).


The characteristics that make this rod really good at short distances, take away from the rod’s ability to make stellar casts at long distances. The Exocett just doesn’t have the kind of supercharged strength and power we see in other 8wt saltwater fly rods. The Exocett is an incredible rod up to 80 feet, but I wouldn’t use this rod to push flats fishing distance boundaries.


The Exocett is insanely accurate. In fact, it's one of the best flats rods we’ve ever cast at 40 feet. Point, aim, shoot, and the fly finds its mark every time at 40 feet with the Exocett. Move back to 60 feet, and the rod remains super accurate, even superbly so. Accurate casts are imperative when hunting for bonefish, permit, and other species on the flats. The Exocett is just about as accurate as it gets.

Flex and Feel

The Exocett is a bit softer than other saltwater rods out there; the G. Loomis NRX and the Sage Method are both faster rods than the Exocett, thus making them better tools for long distance casting. As we talked about in Distance, the Exocett just doesn’t have the power. That being said, T&T’s StratoTherm resin adds strength and vibration dampening characteristics to make this rod a pleasure to cast at short/middle distances. The Exocett is perhaps the smoothest casting saltwater 8wt we’ve ever cast, and that’s saying something.

Line Choice

We paired the rod with Scientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish Fly Line and had great results casting at important flats fishing distances.


Lifetime Warranty.




I think there’s no doubt that the T&T Exocett has changed the saltwater fly fishing market since it was released in 2017. Anglers go crazy for the rod’s accuracy, smooth feel, expert craftsmanship, and incredible lightweight build. And rightly so. The Exocett has endured for the past year and is sure to remain at the top of the short list of saltwater fly rods for years to come. If you haven’t had the chance to cast the Exocett yet, you should. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Superbly accurate
  • Insanely smooth flex and feel


  • Not the best for hero casts