Winston Boron IIIx Fly Rod

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The Winston Boron IIIx fly rod combines speed, smooth action and power into a fantastic overall package. It's built using the third generation of Winston's now famous Boron composite material, and combines high performance technology with traditional craftsmanship.

One of the best features of the Winston Boron IIIX fly rod is the highly responsive tip, allowing for precise presentation. Whether you need up close accuracy or a long, smooth cast, this rod can do it all. The Winston Boron 3x fly rod has a fast action, and also comes with an extra strong butt section for lifting more line.

Winston Boron 3x fly rods are available in line weights ranging from three to ten. The three-weight is perfect for small creeks, but is still capable of casting in light winds. The 10-weight is highly powerful, but still light and perfect for smaller tarpon and saltwater species.

The Winston Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee covers you, the original owner, against manufacturer's defects and breakage. You can either choose the saltwater-safe reel seat, made from feather light anodized aluminum, or the nickel silver with wood insert. The rod also comes with a graphite tube.

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Color Action Weight Price  
Winston Boron IIIx 386-4 Fly Rod Cigar 8' 6” 3 Fast 2.4 $825.00
Winston Boron IIIx 480-4 Fly Rod Cigar 8' 4 Fast 2.1 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 486-4 Fly Rod Cigar 8' 6” 4 Fast 2.5 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 490-4 Fly Rod Cigar 9' 4 Fast 2.5 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 4100-4 Fly Rod Full Wells 10' 4 Fast 3.3 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 586-4 Fly Rod Cigar 8' 6” 5 Fast 2.5 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 590-4 Fly Rod Cigar 9' 5 Fast 2.6 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 596-4 Fly Rod Full Wells 9' 6” 5 Fast 3.3 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 690-4 Fly Rod Cigar 9' 6 Fast 2.8 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 696-4 Fly Rod Full Wells 9' 6” 6 Fast 3.4 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 790-4 Fly Rod Full Wells 9' 7 Fast 3.1 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 796-4 Fly Rod Full Wells 9' 6” 7 Fast 3.5 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 7100-4 Fly Rod Full Wells 10' 7 Fast 3.6 $845.00
Winston Boron IIIx 890-4 Fly Rod Full Wells 9' 8 Fast 3.5 $845.00
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