Winston Boron III-SX Fly Rod

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After years of being out on streams and lakes, we've noticed that there are times of the day and seasons of the year when the wind starts to really pick up. That's when we appreciate being armed with a Winston Boron III-SX fly rod. As you may have guessed, the "SX" stands for super fast action. When you need to throw fast, tight loops to get the upper hand on the wind, or reach way across the river, the Winston B3SX fly rod is the tool you need.

Comparing Winston BIIIsx fly rods to regular graphite fly rods is like comparing a Maserati to a Miata. And, with the Winston BIIIsx fly rods you're getting the third generation of Winston's boron/graphite composite materials, plus the designers have given these rods new and highly refined power-transfer tapers. Compared to the Boron II rods, the Winston Boron III-SX fly rods boast a higher flexural modulus and compressive strength. For the angler, this results in a rod with a powerful butt section that can efficiently transfer energy up through the rod and into the line, delivering greater range, accuracy and control, along with the ability to pick up more line off the water.

A cigar grip is standard with 9' 4, 5 and 6-weight BIII-SX fly rods. The 9'6" B3SX rods are equipped with a full Wells trip. A cork fighting butt is included with the 5 and 6-weight 9'6" rods to give anglers an edge with bigger fish. Thanks Winston. We can use that, hopefully.

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