Whiting Dry Fly Hackle Full Cape

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Without a good dry fly hackle, it can be a pain to tie effective dries that float well and stand up to long days spent chasing rising fish, but Whiting’s Dry Fly Hackle Full Cape sets the standard for quality dry fly feathers. Available in three different grades (Bronze, Silver, and Pro), these capes have an option for every tier out there, and with their extensive range of colors, these capes will let you tie any dry fly that you can come up with. While all grades have high-quality feathers and great barb density, the Silver and Pro grades will have more feathers on the cape, as well as a more extensive assortment of sizes. Whether you’re whipping up some ants for the summer terrestrial season or filling your dry fly box for every hatch of the year, these capes have exactly what you need. 



Whiting’s Dry Fly Hackle Capes are most commonly used for tying dry flies. These feathers are a great choice for flies like Catskill dry flies, parachutes, palmered bodies like that on an Elk Hair Caddis, terrestrials, and just about any other style of hackled dry fly out there. Also, some of the larger feathers offer long barbs that will make great tails on dry flies and even some nymph and emerger patterns. 



Another option for quality dry fly feathers would be to use Whiting’s Dry Fly Hackle Full Saddles. The difference between these and the Dry Fly Capes is that the saddles have much longer feathers that often allow you to tie a few flies with each feather. These feathers also have great barb densities, but they don’t have the smaller feathers that are used to tie smaller dry flies and midges as well as larger feathers that would be used for drakes, large hoppers, and other big dry flies. While both will get the job done exceptionally well, if you’re looking to tie a wide variety of dry fly sizes, the Full Cape is a better option. 

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