Whiting Dry Fly Hackle 1/2 Cape

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Whether you’re the tier who seeks the bare minimum to tie dry flies or you’re just filling the void in a color of dry fly neck that you’re missing, Whiting’s Dry Fly Hackle 1/2 Cape is the perfect choice whenever you don’t want to splurge for a whole neck. These half-necks have the trademark quality that Whiting is known for and genetics that originated from the original Hoffman genes. Each half-neck comes packed with feathers that range in size and allow you to tie flies down to a size 24 and smaller, and the feathers are very high-quality with excellent barb density and supple stems. Whiting’s Dry Fly Hackle 1/2 Capes are available in many different colors in multiple grades, and whether you’re stocking up your dry fly box with small tricos or massive drakes, these half-capes allow you to tie them all while keeping things affordable. 



With such a vast amount of feathers and feather sizes found on Whiting’s Dry Fly Hackle 1/2 Cape, there isn’t a lot that you can’t do. While these necks are an excellent choice for all hackling needs–parachutes, classic Catskill dry flies, Wulffs, caddis, the list goes on–their range of feathers also allows you to do things like palmer streamer bodies, tie in tails on baitfish patterns, and even tail your dry flies and nymphs. Super versatile, Whiting’s Dry Fly Hackle 1/2 Capes have a ton of uses at the tying bench. 



Another similar option to the Whiting Dry Fly Hackle 1/2 Cape is Hareline’s Half Rooster Capes. These are also a half-neck and have feathers that can be used exactly the same as you would with those found on Whiting’s Dry Fly Hackle 1/2 Cape. However, the main difference between these two is the high-quality that Whiting provides. Whiting is a company that’s been genetically breeding birds to get the best results for many years, and the quality found on their capes will be much better than those found on Hareline’s Half Rooster Capes. However, if the quality isn’t something you’re after, the Hareline Half Rooster Cape is a fine substitute.

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