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  1. Korkers Darkhorse Boot
    $209.99 - $229.99
  2. Korkers Buckskin Boot
    $159.99 - $179.99
  3. Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots
    $299.99 - $319.99
  4. Korkers River Ops Wading Boots
    $259.99 - $289.99
  5. Korkers Terror Ridge Wading Boot
    $189.99 - $209.99
  6. Korkers Womens Darkhorse Boot
    $209.99 - $229.99
  7. Korkers Devils Canyon Boot
    $199.99 - $229.99
  8. Korkers Greenback Boot
    $119.99 - $159.99
  9. Korkers Buckskin Mary Boot
    $159.99 - $179.99
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Korkers is a company with a long-standing history of innovation and commitment to quality. Founded in 1959 by Sherman Smith, the company began by providing cleated overshoe products for loggers in the Pacific Northwest. Over time, Korkers expanded its offerings to include outdoor footwear for various applications, such as hiking, ice fishing, and wading. Today, Korkers is known for its cutting-edge wading boots that cater to the needs of avid fly fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Korkers sets itself apart from other manufacturers through its unique, patented OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System. This innovative technology allows users to quickly and easily switch between various sole types for optimum performance in any terrain or conditions. In addition to providing superior traction and stability, Korkers is dedicated to crafting high-quality, durable products using premium materials and rigorous quality control processes. As a result, Korkers wading boots are recognized for their comfort, durability, and adaptability, making them a top choice for anglers worldwide.


Popular Korkers Wading Boots:

Korkers Darkhorse Boot: The Korkers Darkhorse Boot is a versatile wading boot designed for anglers seeking a perfect balance between support, durability, and performance. This boot features a hydrophobic, quick-drying upper material and the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, allowing users to swap between various outsole options for ultimate traction and stability. The BOA M2 lacing system ensures a snug, comfortable fit, while the 3D molded toe and heel caps offer added protection and durability. With its combination of comfort and adaptability, the Darkhorse Boot has become a staple in the Korkers lineup.

Korkers Greenback Boot: The Korkers Greenback Boot is a budget-friendly wading boot that doesn't sacrifice quality for affordability. It features the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, a quick-drying, hydrophobic upper material, and a traditional lace-up design for easy adjustments. The Greenback is a lightweight and comfortable option for anglers seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution for their wading needs.

Korkers Devils Canyon Boot: Designed for rugged conditions and hard-to-reach fishing spots, the Korkers Devils Canyon Boot combines durability and agility in a high-performance wading boot. The Devils Canyon features the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, M2 Boa lacing system, and a comfortable, lightweight design with quick-drying materials. The boot's low-profile design and reduced seams make it an excellent choice for anglers who need to navigate challenging terrain without sacrificing comfort.

Korkers Terror Ridge Wading Boot: The Korkers Terror Ridge Wading Boot offers superior support, stability, and comfort for long days on the water. This boot features the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, providing unmatched traction on a variety of surfaces. The Terror Ridge also boasts a customizable internal ankle support system, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for all-day wear. With a durable, quick-drying upper and 3D molded toe and heel caps, the Terror Ridge offers anglers a top-tier wading boot that excels in demanding environments.

Korkers Buckskin Boot: The Korkers Buckskin Boot is a popular choice among anglers for its comfortable design, durability, and adaptability. Featuring the innovative OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, this boot allows users to switch between various outsole options for optimal traction on different terrains. The hydrophobic, quick-drying materials used in the upper portion of the boot ensure all-day comfort, while the traditional lace-up design offers easy adjustability. Reinforced toe and heel caps provide added protection and durability, making the Buckskin Boot a dependable choice for various wading conditions.

Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots: Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots are designed with the serious angler in mind. These boots boast a rugged, tactical-inspired design with an emphasis on durability and performance. The BOA M2 lacing system ensures a secure fit, while the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System allows users to tailor their traction to the specific conditions. Additional features such as the 3D molded toe and heel caps, and quick-drying materials make the River Ops BOA Wading Boots a top choice for anglers who demand the best in their gear.

Korkers Women's Darkhorse Boot: The Korkers Women's Darkhorse Boot offers the same exceptional features as the original Darkhorse Boot but is specifically designed to accommodate a woman's foot shape. With the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, quick-drying materials, and BOA M2 lacing system, the Women's Darkhorse Boot provides comfort, durability, and adaptability for female anglers. The 3D molded toe and heel caps offer added protection, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting wading boot option.

Korkers River Ops Wading Boots: Korkers River Ops Wading Boots combine tactical-inspired design with durability and performance, making them a favorite among serious anglers. These boots feature the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, quick-drying materials, and a traditional lace-up design for easy adjustability. Reinforced toe and heel caps provide added protection and durability, while the rugged, heavy-duty design ensures these boots can withstand the demands of challenging wading conditions.

Korkers Buckskin Mary Boot: The Korkers Buckskin Mary Boot is a women's-specific wading boot that provides all the features and benefits of the standard Buckskin Boot in a design tailored for female anglers. With the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, hydrophobic materials, and traditional lace-up design, the Buckskin Mary Boot offers a comfortable, durable, and adaptable option for women who love spending time on the water.


Popular Korkers Sole Options:

OmniTrax Felt Soles: Korkers' OmniTrax Felt Soles deliver superior traction on slick and algae-covered surfaces, perfect for navigating slippery rocks and riverbeds. With Korkers' interchangeable sole system, you can quickly and easily swap these high-density felt soles with other outsole options to adapt to various conditions and terrains, ensuring you always have the perfect grip for your fishing adventure.

OmniTrax Studded Rubber Soles: Korkers' OmniTrax Studded Rubber Soles combine the benefits of rubber soles with strategically placed carbide studs, providing excellent traction on a wide range of surfaces. These versatile soles are ideal for anglers who encounter varying conditions, such as rocky shorelines, muddy banks, and even icy trails. The interchangeable design means you can switch to studded rubber soles when you need extra grip and stability.

OmniTrax Vibram IdroGrip Soles: Korkers' OmniTrax Vibram IdroGrip Soles offer an ideal combination of durability and performance, providing outstanding traction on both wet and dry surfaces. These soles feature a specially formulated Vibram IdroGrip compound that delivers an unmatched grip, making them perfect for anglers who traverse a variety of terrain. Easily switch to Vibram IdroGrip soles using Korkers' interchangeable system for a customized and secure footing.

OmniTrax Triple Threat Soles: For anglers seeking the ultimate in adaptability, Korkers' OmniTrax Triple Threat Soles offer a unique, customizable traction solution. With three interchangeable traction options - Aluminum Hex Discs, Aluminum Bars, and Carbide Studs - you can configure your soles to meet the specific demands of your fishing environment. These soles provide maximum versatility and grip, ensuring you're always prepared for whatever challenges you face on the water.

Why would I want to change soles? It's a question that we get all the time when we talk about Korkers boots with our customers. Sure, you get some benefits like having rubber soles to use in your drift boat, but for those of us who aren't floating every other weekend, it seems like it might be kind of a hassle. To be honest, that's how we felt before we got to try them all out. The truth is, the soles allow you to maximize your safety (and therefore your fun) on or off the water.

The Korkers River Ops stands as a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the Korkers Darkhorse, offering a range of enhancements and refinements. Explore the key differences and improvements in this detailed head-to-head analysis, and learn why the River Ops has become the preferred choice for many anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.