Vintage Fly Tackle


Introducing Vintage Fly Tackle Consignments

Following the success of our trade-in program, we have decided to expand our used tackle department to include high-quality vintage tackle. 

How it works:

We offer two options for consignments: a traditional consignment plan and a “Cash Now” option.

For traditional consignments, you’ll send us your tackle and we’ll take it from there! Your gear will be professionally photographed and will be seen by more than 5000 website visitors every day. Further, your tackle may be featured in our newsletter which goes out to over 100,000 subscribers.

Once your tackle sells, you’ll be able to choose between a check and store credit. Our commission schedule is outlined below:

  • Check payouts: You’ll get the value of your tackle less our 15% commission, with a minimum commission of $150. So, if your rod sells for $2000, you’ll get a check for $1700. If it sells for $500, your check will be for $350.
  • Store credit: Want the best value from your tackle? Choose store credit and our commission goes down to 5%, with a $50 minimum.


The “Cash now” option:

We understand that sometimes, it might not make sense to wait for your tackle to sell. Because of that, we’re also offering a “cash now” option. It works a lot like our traditional consignments but with no waiting. Simply tell us about your gear, send us a few photos and we’ll give you an upfront price. Then, send in your tackle, and we’ll inspect it to ensure that the item is as you described it, and you’ll receive a check after about a week. In the event that your gear doesn't meet expectations, we will work with you to find a fair price or return it at no charge. Please note, not all vintage tackle will qualify for this program.


What types of tackle are we interested in?

We accept new and vintage bamboo fly rods from a wide range of modern and historical makers, ranging from E.C. Powell and FE Thomas to Dana Gray and Everett Garrison. Similarly, we're looking for both new and vintage reels from the likes of Hardy, Bogdan, and Hermann to Olsen, Farlex, and Saracione. There are so many wonderful makers, both past and present, it is impossible to list them all. To find out if your tackle qualifies, send us an e-mail!

All tackle must be in good working condition. No broken or bent tips. No reels that rub or need lubrication. Please e-mail us before sending in your gear, as not all gear will qualify for our vintage tackle consignments.


A note on fiberglass rods

While most vintage fiberglass rods make wonderful fishing tools, most of these rods are best handled through our Trade-In Program. Only high-end vintage glass from makers like Russ Peak, Ferd Claudio, and Vince Cummings are eligible for consignment.  


Want to try it out? Start the process by emailing us at [email protected]


General FAQs & Other Policies

How long will it take to sell my tackle?

Selling vintage tackle sometimes takes a long time. While most of our listings sell quickly, oddball tackle can take years. Because of this, we require a minimum commitment of 6 months. If you would like your tackle back before the 6-month mark, you will be charged a fee of $150 per item. Similarly, if your tackle does not sell after 1 year, we reserve the right to return it to you.


How is the "store credit" option different than the trade-in program?

Our trade-in program is designed to convert well-known modern gear into store credit in a fast and efficient manner. Our Vintage Tackle program is designed to maximize value for you. When it comes to rare and vintage tackle, the market is not as transparent or efficient as it is for modern tackle - and that means we need to take our time to get you the best price. Further, we understand that collectors of fine tackle may not be interested in store credit, so we're offering a cash option as well, which is not available through our trade in program.


How long is the turnaround time on my check?

Once your item sells, the buyer will have a short return window should he or she not be satisfied with the item. After that return window passes, we will mail you a check within 2-3 weeks. Checks are usually issued twice a month.


Can you do a straight-up trade?

Unfortunately, we do not offer rod-for-rod or reel-for-reel trades. You must follow the process of consigning your tackle, however, if your tackle qualifies for our cash now option, you may opt for a refund toward your purchase.


How long is my credit valid?

If you choose store credit, your gift code expires 1 year from the date it is issued.


When is gear posted to your website?

While we don't have a strict schedule for posting, items are usually photographed and listed within a week. To be notified of new gear drops sign up for vintage tackle email alerts.


How should I send you my vintage tackle?

Due to the value and rarity of vintage tackle, we HIGHLY recommend you insure your package. Due to issues with our local post office, we also strongly suggest using UPS or FedEx. Please note that Trident Fly Fishing is not responsible for items that are missing and/or damaged in transit.

Most FedEx Office and UPS Store locations can package your items professionally and securely. Our shipping address is:

Trident Fly Fishing
Vintage Tackle Department
190 Riverside St
Suite 9A
Portland, ME 04103