Todds Wiggle Wog Fly

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Fresh silver salmon in Alaska, large lunker smallmouth bass in a lake system, the occasional overly-aggressive trout, and even schoolie bass, Todds Wiggle Wog Fly is a pattern that can land a variety of different fish species. Todds Wiggle Wog Fly was designed as a pattern that floats just in the surface and has a seductive wiggling motion. While this is a swimming pattern not found in most flies, Todds Wiggle Wog Fly pulls it off through a strategically downward bending hook, a foam cylinder, and a slim tail profile. Not quite the popping bug that most foam cylinders create, Todds Wiggle Wog Fly swims more than it pops and it is a fly that just seems to draw predatory fish in.


Todds Wiggle Wog Fly isnt a fly to fish all year long but should be reserved for freshly-entering steelhead and salmon, summer days spent chasing bass, or early-season schoolie tactics. This is a pattern thats best fished on a floating line and it should be swung in the current or slowly worked upstream. A fun fly to fish, it wont take but one bite before you see why Todds Wiggle Wog should have a place in all of our boxes. 


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