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Brand new in the Thomas and Thomas lineup for this season, their Sextant Series of fly rods was designed for accuracy and power with just the right amount of finesse to trick even the spookiest of fish. A 9ft fast action rod that comes in weights 6 through 12, the Sextant series is made for the demands of saltwater fly fishing, and with a unique reinforcement strategy, this rod loads efficiently and has a weight option to handle everything from cocktail blues all the way to the largest tarpon on the flats. A high-end rod that’s built right in Greenfield, Massachusetts, the Sextant family sports a sleek blue finish and is equipped with all of the deluxe features that T&T is famous for. Whether it’s the annual get-together in the Bahamas or Northeast spring run madness, the Sextant is a rod that you’ll be happy to cast anywhere there's a tidal exchange. 



Premium Graphite - A benchmark of Thomas and Thomas construction process is quality, and the Sextant collection doesn’t skimp in that department. With countless hours of research and development put into this blank, Thomas and Thomas chose just the right type of graphic to maximize strength and recovery as well as create ultra-efficient rod loading and line speed even in 25mph winds, making the Sextant a tool that you can rely on no matter what fish is coming your way. Providing accuracy whether you’re presenting a Semper Fleye to a cruising bass 20 feet away or pitching a heavy Whistler 90 feet tight into the mangroves, the Sextant is built on a blank that makes for smooth delivery regardless of distance. And to ensure that the aesthetics stand up to the construction of the Sextant, Thomas and Thomas incorporates a semi-gloss blue finish with dark blue primary thread wraps and seafoam green accent wraps--a color combination that will always have your mind on blue skies and tidal currents.



Titanium Frame Stripping Guides with Premium Silicone Nitride Inserts - Built with some of the highest grade materials on the market, the Sextant series has titanium frame stripping guides with Silicone Nitride inserts. A solid collision of materials, combining Silicone Nitride inserts on a titanium frame reduces friction and allows your line to shoot with ease while also providing all of the rust and corrosion resistance you need for tough saltwater situations. Thomas and Thomas puts two stripping guides on weights 6-10 and their larger 11 and 12 weight options will have three stripping guides--both options have lower stripping guide placement to increase lift power.


Natural Finish Nickel-Titanium RECoil snake guides - An excellent choice for long casts and tough fish in even tougher conditions, Thomas and Thomas utilizes nickel-titanium RECoil snake guides on their Sextant rods. Made out of nickel-titanium, these snake guides make for slick shooting, and their RECoil feature ensures that your guides have shape memory and retain their form even after you’ve had a massive offshore amberjack pull you in ten different directions. 


Reel Seat

Matte Titanium Finish Uplocking Anodized Reel Seat - Thomas and Thomas designed their Sextant family of rods for tackling some of the harshest fishing and most powerful fish. And to ensure that power, durability, and convenience are right where you need them, they’ve given this series a matte titanium finish with an uplocking anodized reel seat. The titanium finish prevents rust and corrosion while the uplocking reel seat, equipped with Delrin washers (stamped with a classy Thomas and Thomas logo for added style points), keeps things secure no matter how long the fight. 


Rod Tube

Aluminum Rod Tube and Sock - Giving quality that starts at the rod’s build and extends to its home away from the water, Thomas and Thomas includes a rod sock and aluminum rod tube with a machined bar-stock aluminum collar and cap that looks darn good but also provides excellent protection. From airplane terminals to backseats, this is a rod tube that you can count on.



As of January 2021, Thomas and Thomas provides a full warranty against breakage due to defective materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the original rod owner. And should your rod break due to misuse or other user error, Thomas and Thomas will repair or replace your rod for a reasonable cost. The  original owner must register their Thomas and Thomas rod with the company within 30 days and all rods must be sent back to Thomas and Thomas for warranty processing. 


More Info

Rod Action: Fast

Best for: Saltwater, Flats, Surf

Grip: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced (learn more)

Recommended Lines

ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Thomas & Thomas Sextant 9ft 10wt Fly Rod (1090-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft10BlueFast4.26 oz.$1,045.00
Thomas & Thomas Sextant 9ft 11wt Fly Rod (1190-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft11BlueFast4.58 oz.$1,045.00
Thomas & Thomas Sextant 9ft 12wt Fly Rod (1290-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft12BlueFast5.08 oz.$1,045.00
Thomas & Thomas Sextant 9ft 6wt Fly Rod (690-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft6BlueFast3.31 oz.$995.00
Thomas & Thomas Sextant 9ft 7wt Fly Rod (790-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft7BlueFast3.42 oz.$995.00
Thomas & Thomas Sextant 9ft 8wt Fly Rod (890-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft8BlueFast3.56 oz.$995.00
Thomas & Thomas Sextant 9ft 9wt Fly Rod (990-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft9BlueFast3.92 oz.$995.00
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