TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod

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TFO has extended its budget rod offering into the two-handed market. The Pro 2 Two-Handed rods are affordable and high performing, a perfect combination for novice Spey anglers. The rod’s medium-fast action accommodates a variety of casting styles and is extremely forgiving on the water. The rod’s lightweight design makes it easy to learn how to Spey cast and to target fish on the swing. This is one of the best entry-level Spey rods on the market and is extremely affordable and powerful.


Progressive Medium-Fast Action Blank - The blank of the Pro 2 is designed to cater to a wide range of two-handed casting strokes. Medium-fast rods are typically the most caster friendly and the Pro 2 certainly complies to that generalization. Even though the Pro 2 is forgiving, it’s also powerful with solid accuracy at longer distances. The progressive taper creates a smooth casting stroke and these rods are truly a pleasure to cast.


Oversized Stripping Guide - The Pro 2 Two-Handed rods have two oversized stripping guides. These stripping guides accommodate any Spey line and allow the line to shoot through the rod effortlessly in all angling scenarios.

Hard Chrome Snake Guides - Hard chrome snake guides add simple functionality to the Pro 2 Two-Handed rods. These guides are used by many major rod manufacturers for their simple, low-friction design and rugged durability.

Reel Seat

Anodized Aluminum - The reel seat on the Pro 2 is simple and functional. Anodized aluminum componentry and reel seat anchor any fly reel to the Pro 2. The reel seat is weather-resistant and highly functional for a solid performance on the water and durability that lasts. The double uplocking component anchors any Spey reel. The Pro 2 Two-Handed rods also come with a composite cork grip that’s simple and comfortable.

Rod Tube

Cordura Rod Tube - The TFO Pro 2 Spey comes in a Cordura rod tube to protect the rod during travel and transportation. Most TFO rods don’t come with rod tubes, however, TFO has included a rod tube in some of their latest rod models.


TFO Warranty - As of July 2019, TFO rods purchased from an authorized dealer have a no-fault lifetime warranty for the life of the registered owner. TFO will always repair or replace (at no cost to the customer) any rod with faulty workmanship or manufacturer defects. If your rod breaks or is damaged from normal wear and tear, TFO charges $35 for repairs, processing, shipping, etc.


More Info

Rod Action: Medium - Fast

Best for: All Water, Streamers

Grip: Spey

Ability Level: Beginner - Expert (learn more)


Recommended Lines

We highly recommend using a Spey specific line. Our favorite for Skagit applications is:


Model Handle Length Line Weight Color Action Weight Price  
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 11’ 2/3wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 2/3 Black Medium-Fast 5.5 oz. $299.95
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 11’ 6/7wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 6/7 Black Medium-Fast 6.5 oz. $299.95
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 12’ 6” 6/7wt Two Handed Switch 12ft 6in 6/7 Black Medium-Fast 6.7 oz. $309.95
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 11’ 6” 7/8wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 6in 7/8 Black Medium-Fast 6.8 oz. $329.95
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 13’ 7/8wt Two Handed Switch 13ft 7/8 Black Medium-Fast 7.5 oz. $349.95
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