TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod

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Designed to provide exceptional two-handed fly rod performance at a price attractive to enquiring anglers. The performance of two-handed rods available to folks interested in trying Spey casting has always lacked. Now Pro II successfully addresses the issue face on with a complete series of medium to medium-fast action rods each of which is engineered to allow users more fly line latitude, dramatically easing their two-handed cast learning curve. Pro II also allows anglers to side-step the “one-size-fits-all” issue by offering rods covering micro-Spey, traditional or classic Spey, and two-hand switch rods applicable to either East or West coasts. Core to TFO’s mission is the introduction and education of folks to fishing and Pro II is our number one recommendation for new two-handed fly anglers because it offers the most effective two-hand learning platform available.

Freedom at an affordable price. That’s what the new series of Professional II two-handed rods can offer to someone just wanting to learn the spey/switch/ or overhead fishing game.

The Pro II TH is TFO’s entry level price rod designed to accommodate the new caster/angler, while giving experienced anglers the ability to affordably fill out that rod missing from their current quiver.

With a range of rods from an 11-foot micro-spey style rod, to coastal switch rods, to an all-around 13-foot, 7/8 rod for any anadromous fish both on the east and west coast.

The Pro II series are medium fast-action rods with a progressive taper that are smooth casting and powerful, yet forgiving.

The PRO II TH series features high-end performance finished in a way to be the envy on the river, while being easy on the bank account.

Model Handle Length Line Weight Color Action Weight Price  
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 11’ 2/3wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 2/3 Black Medium-Fast 5.5 oz. $299.95
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 11’ 6/7wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 6/7 Black Medium-Fast 6.5 oz. $299.95
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 12’ 6” 6/7wt Two Handed Switch 12ft 6in 6/7 Black Medium-Fast 6.7 oz. $309.95
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 11’ 6” 7/8wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 6in 7/8 Black Medium-Fast 6.8 oz. $329.95
TFO Pro II Two Handed Fly Rod 13’ 7/8wt Two Handed Switch 13ft 7/8 Black Medium-Fast 7.5 oz. $349.95
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