TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod

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TFO’s trout-centered rod series, the TFO Finesse Trout, is a great entry-level fly rod for anglers hoping to develop their trout game at shorter distances. This rod isn’t powerful or blazing fast, but the traditional moderate taper and medium action make it smooth and refreshing. The rod’s versatility is sure to recruit new anglers to dry fly fishing - one of the most popular forms of fly fishing. If you’re a novice angler with a desire to develop a short range, delicate presentation-based style, this rod is for you.


Moderate Taper and Medium Action Blank - The blank of the Finesse Trout sports a traditional moderate taper and a delicate medium action. The blank build is perfect for short distance performance, dry fly fishing, and protecting light tippets. The mid flex profile of the rod allows anglers to accurately present flies at short-medium distances and is really geared toward light tackle.


Oversized Stripping Guide - The Finesse Trout has one oversized stripping guide. This stripping guide accommodates any fly line and allows line to shoot through the rod effortlessly in all angling scenarios.

Hard Chrome Snake Guides - Hard chrome snake guides add simple functionality to the Finesse Trout. These guides are used by many major rod manufacturers for their simple, low-friction design and rugged durability.

Reel Seat

Burled Wood Insert w/Uplocking Component - The reel seat on the TFO Finesse Trout includes a burled wood insert and anodized single uplocking componentry. These simple reel seats keep the rod lightweight and affordable. A reversed half wells grip made with quality cork adds to the rod’s trout-centered design.

Rod Tube

Cordura Rod Tube - The TFO Finesse Trout comes in a cordura rod tube to protect the rod during travel and transportation. Most TFO rods don’t come with rod tubes, however, TFO has included a rod tube in some of their latest rod models.


TFO Warranty - As of July 2019, TFO rods purchased from an authorized dealer have a no-fault lifetime warranty for the life of the registered owner. TFO will always repair or replace (at no cost to the customer) any rod with faulty workmanship or manufacturer defects. If your rod breaks or is damaged from normal wear and tear, TFO charges $35 for repairs, processing, shipping, etc.

More Info

Rod Action: Medium

Best for: Small Water, Dry Flies

Grip: Reversed Half Wells

Ability Level: Beginner - Expert (learn more)

Recommended Lines

We highly recommend using a freshwater specific line. Our favorite for dry fly applications is:

Model Handle Length Line Weight Color Action Weight Price  
TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod 5’ .5wt Half Wells 5ft .5 Green Medium 2 oz. $229.95
TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod 6' 9” 1wt Reversed Half-Wells 6ft 9in 1 Green Medium 2.4 oz. $229.95
TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod 7’ 3” 2wt Reversed Half-Wells 7ft 3in 2 Green Medium 2.5 oz. $229.95
TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod 7’ 9” 3wt Reversed Half-Wells 7ft 9in 3 Green Medium 2.8 oz. $229.95
TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod 7’ 9” 4wt Reversed Half-Wells 7ft 9in 4 Green Medium 2.8 oz. $229.95
TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod 8’ 9” 4wt Reversed Half-Wells 8ft 9in 4 Green Medium 3.1 oz. $229.95
TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod 7’ 9” 5wt Reversed Half-Wells 7ft 9in 5 Green Medium 2.9 oz. $229.95
TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod 8’ 9” 5wt Reversed Half-Wells 8ft 9in 5 Green Medium 3.1 oz. $229.95
TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rod 8’ 9” 3wt Reversed Half-Wells 8ft 9in 3 Green Medium 3.1 oz. $229.95
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