Surface Seducer Popper Hooks

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An excellent choice for crafting popper flies, especially Double Barrel Popper, Surface Seducer’s Popper Hooks can be used to tie anything from Gurglers to classics like Bob’s Bangers. Surface Seducer’s Popper Hooks are built with a kinked shank that prevents popper bodies from twisting, a long shank for tying, a wide hook gap to ensure proper hooking and penetration, and they also have a micro barb to give excellent holding power. Just the right hook whether you’re building large bass bugs, panfish poppers, or pickerel flies, Surface Seducer’s Popper Hooks will help you make the most of those calm mornings spent popping away.



Surface Seducer’s Popper Hooks are specifically made for tying poppers. These hooks can be used to tie most poppers such as Gurglers, Sliders, Divers, and Bangers. A great hook for targeting predatory species, these hooks can hold their own and make tying poppers a breeze.



A hook that’s comparable to the Surface Seducer Popper Hooks are Kona’s BPH Big Popper Hooks. These are also a long-shanked hook that sports a kink to prevent popper twisting, yet they are made from black nickel, which makes them suitable for saltwater and heavier game applications. While these hooks are similar in design, the Surface Seducer Popper Hooks are a little cheaper and should be used when fishing freshwater, while Kona’s BPH Hooks are a bit more expensive and offer an ability to cover more species. 


Example Flies

While this hook can be applied to a range of different popper flies, the Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper Fly is hands down the most well-known. 

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