Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes

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Whenever you need your eyes to be a bit more bold and have a dose of attitude, Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes are just the right choice. These are adhesive-backed 3-dimensional eyes with a sharp elliptical pupil that can be worked into anything from a popper, a streamer, a Game Changer, and much more. Super versatile, durable, and easy to work with, Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes come in a variety of different sizes and iris colors. Whether you’re getting ready to hit the weedbeds with a popper for some bass or want to build a saltwater streamer with eyes tenacious to upset a bluefish, the Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes are a reliable choice.


The primary use of Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes is to affix eyes to your fly patterns. These eyes have an adhesive backing and work well for those who like to sculpt a resin head on their fly. Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes can be used for both fresh and saltwater fly patterns without fail, and they are a common choice when looking to add eyes to rodent patterns, large or small streamers, Game Changers, and popper flies.



There are many options for 3-dimensional eyes when tying, but few offer the pronounced elliptical pupil that Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes have. While they lack the elliptical pupil of the Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes, Fish-Skull’s Living Eyes are a comparable substitute. These eyes are also available in a variety of iris colors and come in different sizes, but they don’t have the dragon-like pupil of the Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes. Both are great options, but whenever you’re looking for something a little more pronounced, the Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes are the way to go. 


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