Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper Bodies

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There’s nothing like the adrenaline you get whenever a fish crushes your popper, and with Surface Seducer’s Double Barrel Popper Bodies, it’s never been easier to get those explosive surface eats. The Double Barrel Popper Bodies are made from a durable foam so that they can take hit after hit, and with recessed eye holes, adding the exact pair of eyes you want is as easy as can be. These popper heads have a unique shape, and when tied in in the traditional fashion, create massive amounts of surface commotion; however, these heads can also be tied in in reverse whenever you’re looking to fish divers, Sneaky Petes, or even mouse-style flies–consider this construction the best of both worlds. Surface Seducer makes their Double Barrel Popper Bodies in a wide range of colors and several different sizes, allowing you to pursue anything from largemouth bass to massive offshore opponents. 


Surface Seducer’s Double Barrel Popper Bodies are the perfect choice for tying poppers. With a unique design, these foam bodies can be tied in the traditional way to create loud surface commotions, and whenever the fish prefer a more subtle presentation, you can tie them in with the rear facing forward for a diver-like presentation. 


Another safe bet, whenever you’re looking to create a disturbance on the surface, is Howitzer’s Baitfish Popper Heads. These heads have a cupped face and recessed holes for eyes, similar to the Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper Bodies, but they do not offer the ability to reverse the head and tie the fly like a diver, so if you’re looking for that sort of versatility, it’s best to stick with the Double Barrel Popper Bodies. 

  • Recommended hook for Large and Extra-Large: Kona Big Popper Hook
  • Quantity per pack: Extra-small, Small, Medium (8); Large (6); Extra-large (4).
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