Squirmy Wormie Jig Fly

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Just about all freshwater fish love worms, so it's no surprise that the Squirmy Wormie Jig Fly seems to catch fish wherever it goes. Based on the Squirmy Wormy invented by David Hise in North Carolina, the Squirmy Wormie Jig maintains the tradition with its Squirmy Wormy material body, but it gives the extra advantage of a jig hook that allows you to tap the bottom with less fear of snags. As the name implies, this fly is designed to imitate worms, both aquatic and terrestrial, but it also works very well as an attractor pattern or point fly in a two-fly nymphing rig.


One of those flies that’s known to save the day, the Squirmy Wormie Jig Fly can be fished through riffles, under an indicator, or on a tight line and its body has movement that just seems to attract fish. Whether you’re taking the purist out of pursuing wild browns or just want to fool some backyard panfish with the kids, the Squirmy Wormie Jig Fly will leave you impressed. 


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Blood Red, Red, Hot Pink, Pink, Red, Red, Tan, Tan

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