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Tailing shucks on emergers, loop winged dry flies, caddis patterns, parachute posts, the list goes on and Spirit River’s UV2 Sparkle Yarn keeps up with it all. Spirit River UV2 Sparkle Yarn is a synthetic yarn with a crinkle effect and natural sheen that can be used in a variety of different applications, and while this product has tons of color options, they’re all double-dyed with Spirit River’s UV2 dye. This dye works to enhance the UVF (ultraviolet fluorescence) and UVR (ultraviolet radiation) wavelengths and make your flies stand out just a bit better than traditional dying methods. A material that can be worked into nymphs, dry flies, and emergers, UV2 Sparkle Yarn is as versatile as they come.



UV2 Sparkle Yarn is a very versatile material with almost an endless amount of uses. Sparkle Yarn is commonly used for applications such as tail and shucks on nymphs, emergers, and dry flies, as well as wingcases on nymphs and various wings on dry flies ranging from spinners, parachutes, and downwinged flies like caddis and stoneflies. One of those materials that you’ll find a ton of uses for, UV2 Sparkle Yarn is a great addition to a ton of different flies.



A commonly compared material to Sparkle Yarn is Hareline’s Antron. These are both synthetic yarns with a slight crinkle to them, but Sparkle Yarn tends to refract light just a bit better, which makes it ideal for patterns like the Sparkle Pupa that look to imitate the trapped air bubbles of a caddis pupa. Also, Antron doesn’t feature the UV2 double-dye process, and thus tends to give a look that’s a bit more subtle.


Example Flies

While Sparkle Yarn has a wide range of applications, one of the most popular flies tied with this material is LaFontaine’s Sparkle Pupa.

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