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Bucktail is one of the most versatile materials on the fly tying market, and Spirit River’s UV2 Select Bucktails are great quality tails. Bucktail is a unique natural material that sits in a class of its own and can be used to tie a ton of different streamers. From traditional trout streamers and steelhead flies to massive saltwater flies, bucktail can do it all. Natural fibers that have a built-in taper, bucktail makes it easy to create naturally flowing tapers in your flies, and with Spirit River UV2 Select Bucktail, you get a variety of colors that all feature Spirit River’s UV2 dying process. Spirit River’s UV2 is a double-dying process that shows UVF (ultraviolet fluorescence) and UVR (ultraviolet reflectance) ultraviolet wavelengths. This dying process enhances the visibility of your flies when in the water and can make all the difference in finicky and picky fish. An excellent fiber that has a wealth of uses, Spirit River UV2 Select Bucktail is a material that should be on everyone’s tying desk.



Bucktail is a fiber with a near endless amount of uses and is a common material in both freshwater and saltwater streamers. Often used as the wing in traditional streamers and hairwing salmon flies, bucktail creates a natural flow to these patterns that imitates realistic baitfish; another frequent use for bucktail is to create tails on poppers. However, these methods just scratch the surface of Spirit River UV2 Select Bucktail, as this material is a great choice when hollow tying, crafting deceivers, and it can even be worked into a dubbing loop to fashion large, bulky heads on flies. With such a variety of hair qualities, there’s a use for almost every fiber on a tail--whether you’re using the fibers on the base to build hefty Bulkheads and musky flies like Bufords, or the long middle fibers to tie Beast Fleyes and Clousers, these tails can do it all.



While there’s no real substitute for bucktail, a couple comparable items are out there. Hareline’s Large Northern Bucktails are exactly like Spirit River UV2 Select Bucktail but they don’t offer Spirit River’s UV2 dying process and don’t have exactly the visibility of Spirit River’s tails. And for those looking to swap natural bucktails for a synthetic, Fish-Skull’s Faux Bucktail is a comparable item. Faux Bucktail is a synthetic fiber with a natural taper that’s built in, and while the fibers have consistent length and taper, they lack that natural look that makes Bucktail such an effective material. 


Example Flies

Spirit River UV2 Select Bucktail is a material that you can use many different ways, but a few of the most famous patterns that use bucktail are:


  • Clouser Minnows
  • Hollow Fleyes
  • Beast Fleyes
  • Bendbacks
  • Black Nose Dace Streamer
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