Spirit River UV2 Sculpin Wool

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Spirit River UV2 Sculpin Wool combines UVF and UVR spectrums for enhanced underwater visibility, making it ideal for tying sculpin fly patterns and baitfish heads on streamers. This UV2 fly tying material is not only easy to tie and trim but also offers a unique advantage in attracting fish. The wool is spotless, consistent, and remarkably user-friendly, perfect for a wide variety of fly patterns. Its UVF properties allow fish to spot your flies from greater distances, while the UVR rays, invisible to the human eye, provide a reflective and enticing view for fish and insects.


  • UV2 Technology: Combines UVF and UVR spectrums for superior underwater visibility.
  • Easy to Use: Ties in and trims effortlessly for perfect sculpin and baitfish heads.
  • Consistent Quality: Spotless and consistent wool for reliable performance.
  • Color Options: Available in a range of colors including Cahill Cream, Light Rust, Medium Brown, Black, Dark Brown, Dark Olive, Light Olive, Medium Olive, Purple, and White.

Why We Like It

The Spirit River UV2 Sculpin Wool is appreciated for its exceptional ease of use and unique UV2 processing. The combination of UVF and UVR rays enhances the visibility and attractiveness of flies, giving anglers an edge in challenging conditions. Its consistent quality ensures that each fly tied is as effective as the last, making it a go-to material for various fly patterns. The wide range of color options allows for customization to match local hatch conditions or create standout patterns in murky waters. This wool is indispensable for crafting effective and durable sculpin fly patterns and baitfish heads.

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