Spirit River UV2 Ostrich Plume

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Spirit River UV2 Ostrich Plumes are a natural material that’s super versatile and can be worked into both salt and freshwater patterns. Spirit River UV2 Ostrich Plumes have long fibers that are useful for anything from whipping up some squids to hit Cape Cod, Intruders for the Pacific Northwest, and even small scuds for a large western tailwater. A feather with a ton of uses and an easy material to handle, strands of Ostrich Herl offer excellent breathability in the water and are a great choice for those of us looking to use natural materials. 



Spirit River UV2 Ostrich Plumes can be used in a variety of ways and it’s a material that can be incorporated into fresh and saltwater flies. Ostrich Herl has been around for awhile and its applications are almost endless: use it for tails and wings on streamers and saltwater flies, heads on traditional Atlantic Salmon patterns, bodies on nymphs, ants, and scuds, work it into a dubbing loop to spin an Intruder collar, and for those with a steady hand, you can even split the upper portion’s stem and palmer it as hackle for large streamers. 



No one material offers the length, versatility, and color options that Spirit River UV2 Ostrich Plumes has, but a couple comparative feathers are peacock herl and rhea. Peacock herl offers a similar length and the barbs can be cut directly from the feather, but peacock herl is much more brittle and it doesn’t take color nearly as well as Ostrich Plumes. And while rhea plumes are supple and can be palmered similarly to the tip of an Ostrich Plume, they don’t offer nearly the length and the fibers are much more fine. 


Example Flies

Spirit River UV2 Ostrich Plumes are a material that can be worked into a ton of different flies and tying situations. A few of the more common patterns that utilize Ostrich Plumes are the Ray Charles, which is a scud/sowbug imitation with a body made of palmered Ostrich Herl. Another super popular steelhead pattern that uses Ostrich Herl is the Intruder, which implements Ostrich Herl for various things like building a butt or spinning into a dubbing to wrap a very swimmy collar. 

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