Spirit River Squirrel Blend Dubbing

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A super-buggy looking dubbing that’s easy to work with and has a ton of applications, Spirit River’s Squirrel Blend Dubbing is a must for every tyer’s desk. Spirit River’s Squirrel Blend Dubbing is made from a blend of squirrel fur and antron. When combined, these two materials come together to create an easily-handled dubbing that’s packed with guard hairs and gives a buggy look with just enough movement. Great for anything from caddis larvae to stonefly nymphs, Spirit River’s Squirrel Blend Dubbing is an essential dubbing no matter what bugs you’re tying.



Spirit River’s Squirrel Blend Dubbing is most commonly used to give a buggy look to your flies. Not so much a dry fly dubbing, Spirit River’s Squirrel Blend Dubbing absorbs water well and should be reserved for tying nymphs, nymph thoraxes, midges, wet flies, emergers, and some streamers. Apply it directly to the thread or work it into a dubbing loop for added bulk, the possibilities with this stuff are nearly endless.



Spirit River’s Squirrel Blend Dubbing is a unique blend of dubbing, and while there are many dubbing materials on the market, none are exactly like Squirrel Blend Dubbing. A comparable dubbing would be Hare’s Ear Plus Dubbing, which is made of Hare’s Ear fibers and a blend of antron. Similar in appearance and both have a spiky look, but you’ll find that the guard haris in the Hare’s Ear Plus Dubbing are often a little longer. 


Example Flies 

A dubbing that can be worked into a wide range of patterns, Spirit River’s Squirrel Blend Dubbing is super useful for nymphs and other sinking patterns. One of the more popular patterns that uses this dubbing is:

  • 20 Incher Stonefly Nymph


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