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Whether you’re looking for a lead alternative or just need to add a little extra durability and flash to your dumbbell eyes, Spirit River’s Dazl-Eyes are just the right choice. These durable eyes are machined from brass and tie onto any hook with ease. Available in a range of sizes and colors, these eyes add a slight flash to your pattern while adding just enough weight to quickly sink your flies. Whether you’re tying up smallmouth bass flies, bonefish crabs, or the venerable Clouser Minnow, Spirit River’s Dazl-Eyes are just the right choice.



Spirit River’s Dazl-Eyes are most commonly used whenever you need to add eyes or quickly add weight to your flies. A great choice when you’re looking to invert flies, these eyes tie in nice and easily and their machined brass construction can stand up to rocks, sandy bottoms, and other harsh structures much better than the lead dumbbell alternative. Able to be used in both fresh and saltwater applications, these eyes are an important staple on everyone’s tying desk.



One of the easiest comparisons to make would be Lead Dumbbell Eyes. Lead is a bit softer and thus less durable than these machined brass eyes, however, lead tends to be a little bit heavier, so if you’re looking to really sink your flies, lead might be the better option. However, if you’re looking for something that has a bit of flash as well as an ability to stand up to rough structure, the Spirit River Dazl-Eyes are a superior choice.


Example Flies

A great choice for a variety of different patterns, you can count on the Spirit River Dazl-Eyes to tie anything from crabs and shrimp to Clouser Minnows and panfish flies. 

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