Spirit River Barbell Mono Eyes

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Panfish, bonefish, striped bass, smallmouth, and many more, you can turn to Spirit River’s Barbell Mono Eyes whether you’re tying shrimp, crabs, damselflies, large stoneflies, baitfish, and more. Super versatile and ready for use in both fresh and saltwater, Spirit River’s Barbell Mono Eyes are lightweight and provide a realistic eye to any fly you’re tying. Made in a variety of hot colors, these eyes are a solid choice anytime you want to add an attractive set of eyes to your patterns. Hitting the flats of the Florida Keys for bonefish and permit or a backyard pond for bass and bream, no matter what you’re casting to, these eyes are sure to enhance the look of your flies. 



Spirit River’s Barbell Mono Eyes are used to create eyes on your patterns or whenever you’re looking to add a skosh of weight to your flies. These eyes can be incorporated however you like, but they’re commonly worked into adult and nymph dragon and damselflies, shrimp, crabs, baitfish, and nymphs.  



With their bold and bright colors, Spirit River’s Barbell Mono Eyes sit in a class of their own. Although, if you’re looking to add a more naturally-colored set of eyes to your flies, Hareline’s Mono Nymph Eyes are just the right choice. These Mono Eyes are similar in construction to the Spirit River Barbell Mono Eyes, but they’re offered in more natural shades, making them a better choice whenever realism is a primary need. 

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