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Whenever “buggy” is what you’re after, look no further than Spirit River’s Aussie Possum Dubbing. Spirit River’s Aussie Possum Dubbing is pre-blended Australian Possum Dubbing that has the perfect mix of guard hairs and underfur to make your flies look naturally buggy. This dubbing is super easy to apply and can be used in a range of different patterns--from scuds and sowbugs to caddis and stoneflies, there’s hardly a nymph that won’t benefit from this dubbing. Available in a bunch of different color options, Spirit River’s Aussie Possum Dubbing has a color for each of your needs. 



Spirit River’s Aussie Possum Dubbing is most commonly used to dub nymphs and emergers. Since this is a dubbing that will absorb water, you won’t want to use it for dry flies, but it really excels underwater due to its naturally buggy appearance. A great choice for most nymphs and larvae, you can turn to Aussie Possum to tie things like: mayfly nymphs, caddis larvae and pupae, stoneflies, damselfly nymphs, scuds/sowbugs, cranefly larvae, dragonfly nymphs, dobsonfly nymphs, and even some smaller streamers like juvenile sculpins and madtoms. Regardless of what you’re tying, Aussie Possum Dubbing is great to work with and makes for easy applications that have a wonderfully natural appearance. 



Australian Possum Dubbing is a unique natural dubbing with no exactly similar option. However, Hare’s Mask Dubbing does have some similarities that make it a worthy comparison. Hare’s Mask is slightly less coarse but it’s equipped with a soft underfur and spiky guard hairs. This combination looks similar to Spirit River’s Aussie Possum Dubbing, but again, the Aussie Possum is a little more coarse. Both of these are great options when you’re looking to create a buggy appearance, but the Aussie Possum Dubbing tends to create flies that have a little buggier appearance. 


Example Flies

One of the most common flies that uses Australian Possum Dubbing is the Birds Nest Nymph. 

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