Spirit River Antron Dubbing

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Spirit River Antron Dubbing


It’s not often you come across a dubbing that can be used for almost anything, well, Spirit River proves that wrong with their Antron Dubbing. Use it for dry flies, nymphs, emergers, and even smaller streamers bodies, Antron Dubbing is a fine trilobal synthetic dubbing material that’s super easy to apply to your thread, has a nice sheen effect, and also comes in a wide variety of colors so that you can match any forage at the vise. Whether you’re looking to whip up some caddis pupae, need to add a rust-colored thorax to a secret mayfly nymph, or just want to dub your Wooly Bugger’s body instead of using chenille, Spirit River’s Antron Dubbing is a great choice for it all.




Spirit River made their Antron Dubbing with nearly no limits. While all of us have our own tying styles, Antron Dubbing is a universal material that can be used in almost any pattern that calls for dubbing, and it’s also a material that you can blend with other dubbings to achieve new colors. Antron Dubbing is an excellent choice for making bodies, and due to its synthetic nature, it can be used for dry flies as well as wet flies and nymphs. A truly versatile dubbing, you can turn to Antron Dubbing for things like making tiny midge bodies and thoraxes, crafting sculpin bodies, dubbing a thorax on a dry fly, and it can even be used to create nymphal shucks on emergers--if you can come up with it, you can probably do it with Antron Dubbing.



While Spirit River’s Antron Dubbing seems to be seated in a class of its own, there are some similar dubbings out there, and the most commonly compared dubbing is Hareline’s Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing. These are both fine dubbings that you can use to craft sleek bodies, but where they really differ is that Antron Dubbing can be used for all types of flies where Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing is reserved for dry flies (and it is an exceptional choice when exclusively tying dries). These two dubbings are both great materials, but Antron Dubbing has a little wider set of applications, especially for those looking to fish wet flies and nymphs.


Example Flies

Spirit River’s Antron Dubbing can be used for a wide range of applications, but some of the more notable patterns and uses are Gary La Fontaine’s Deep Sparkle Pupa that features a body of Antron Dubbing and the Foam Body Caddis that has a body of Antron Dubbing. 

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