Soul Fly Lodge

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Located in the Berry Islands, Soul Fly Lodge combines fishery conservation, community enrichment, and world-class fly fishing for Bonefish and Permit. This newly renovated lodge features comfortable accommodations, fresh and nutritious meals, and relaxing on-site amenities to rejuvenate after each day of fishing. The lodge’s managers, staff, and guides are all true professionals who focus on their guest’s experience first and foremost, all with Bahamian warmth and charm.

Who It’s For

  • Dedicated Bonefish and Permit Anglers

When To Go

The lodge is open from October through July, focusing on the best fishing months of the year in the Bahamas. Large Bonefish and Permit can be found throughout the season in the fertile flats of the Berry Islands. Regardless of when you schedule your trip, rest assured that the guide staff will work tirelessly to plan each day around the best tides.

Weather in this subtropical climate is relatively stable throughout the year, with average highs in the 80s. The warmer months, June through July, often bring more frequent rains. 


The Berry Islands boast a very strong Permit fishery, often regarded as the best location for targeting Permit in the entire country. Well-traveled anglers will find the expansive white sand flats similar to those found in Cuba, with fish traveling on the backs of Rays, and cruising singles and doubles spotted frequently. The Permit here behave like they do anywhere else: discerning and difficult to fool - bring your A-game!


The Bonefish surrounding Soul Fly Lodge are known for their size, averaging a hefty 5lbs, with larger fish seen and caught regularly. What this fishery lacks in fish numbers it makes up for in fish dimensions, making it an ideal location for headhunters looking for double-digit-sized Bonefish. Targeting Bonefish here often combines fishing from the skiff and wading, with the hard sand flats ideal for easy wading sessions under the expert tutelage of your Bahamian guide.

Other Species

In addition to Permit and Bonefish, the Berry Islands are home to Barracuda, Snappers, and Triggerfish as well as other reef species which are great fun to target on a fly rod. It is very common for anglers to land several bonus species in a week at Soul Fly Lodge.


At Soul Fly Lodge, you’ll be fishing out of Maverick skiffs. These fantastic high-end skiffs are spacious and ideal for poling the many flats of the Berry Islands.


A range of rod sizes with matched reels will be necessary for a week at Soul Fly Lodge. We recommend bringing 4 rods: a 6/7wt for Bonefish, an 8wt for Bonefish (when it's windy), a 9wt for Permit and other reef species, and a 10wt for Barracuda. Your guides will help you rig appropriately for the day’s fishing. We recommend adhering to the packing and equipment lists provided by Trident.


Day 1: From Home to Nassau

A weeklong trip at Soul Fly Lodge typically runs from Saturday to Saturday, with an additional travel day on each end. Getting to the lodge begins with a Friday flight to Nassau, Bahamas (NAS), where you will typically spend one night in a hotel.

Day 2: From Nassau to Soul Fly Lodge

The following morning, you will board your 30-minute flight from Nassau to Great Harbour Cay (GHC). Once you’ve arrived in Great Harbour Cay, a Soul Fly representative will greet you curbside and drive you to the lodge.

Days 3 - 8: The Fishing Days

Fishing days start with a full breakfast before heading out with your guide for the day. Lunch is typically served on the water, allowing you to rejuvenate and rehydrate. Following an afternoon fishing session, you’ll return to the lodge to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal typically consisting of fresh seafood and regional cuisine. After dinner, feel free to enjoy cocktails and stories on the deck, tie flies, or retire early.

Day 9: From Soul Fly Lodge to Nassau

After your week of fishing, you’ll enjoy breakfast on Saturday morning before a Soul Fly representative will drive you to the Great Harbour Cay Airport (GHC), where you’ll board your flight back to Nassau. Once you’ve arrived in Nassau, you’ll typically spend one night in a hotel.

Day 10: From Nassau to Home

On Sunday morning, you’ll board your flight from Nassau back to your home destination.



Soul Fly Lodge features four spacious double-occupancy rooms, each replete with two queen beds, air conditioning, and private bathrooms. The Main lodge features two lounging areas, a fly-tying bench, a capacious dining room, a well-stocked bar, and a beautiful swimming pool.


The restaurant at Soul Fly Lodge, known as the Carriearl Roost, is famous for its fresh-caught seafood entrees and imaginative regional dishes. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the restaurant is open to the public, making for a lively atmosphere. Hearty breakfasts are served each morning, fueling you for a productive day on the flats. Nourishing lunches are packed daily by your guide, allowing you to eat on the water. The well-appointed self-service bar is available each evening for apres-fishing drinks and companionship.


Complimentary WiFi is available at Soul Fly Lodge. Cell phone service may be available depending on your service plan.


2024 Fishing Packages

Trident Travel’s expert planning service is free of charge. The rates below are the same as you would pay by booking directly with the lodge. 

Rates are subject to change at any time. Contact us for the most current pricing. 

Double Occupancy/Shared Boat (Per Person)

3 Nights / 2 Days = $3,205

4 Nights / 3 Days = $4,195

5 Nights / 4 Days = $5,075

6 Nights / 5 Days = $5,915

7 Nights / 6 Days = $6,650

8 Nights / 7 Days = $7,225


Private Room/Shared Boat (Per Person)

3 Nights / 2 Days = $3,655

4 Nights / 3 Days = $4,795

5 Nights / 4 Days = $5,825

6 Nights / 5 Days = $6,815

7 Nights / 6 Days = $7,700

8 Nights / 7 Days = $8,425


Private Room/Private Boat (Per Person)

3 Nights / 2 Days = $5,290

4 Nights / 3 Days = $6,925

5 Nights / 4 Days = $8,375

6 Nights / 5 Days = $9,760

7 Nights / 6 Days = $10,975

8 Nights / 7 Days = $11,925



What's Included:

  • Lodging
  • All meals
  • Guided fishing
  • Round-trip airport transfers (GHC)
  • Alcoholic beverages


What's Not Included:

  • Airfare to and from Great Harbour Cay (GHC)
  • Fishing license
  • Gratuities for the guides
  • Gratuities for the lodge staff
  • All fishing equipment
  • Government taxes and fees


What skill level is required for this trip?

While novice flats anglers are welcome at Soul Fly Lodge, we recommend this trip for intermediate to advanced-level flats anglers. Being a quality-over-quantity type fishery, anglers should be comfortable casting accurately at 60 feet in the wind.

What should I do to prepare for a week of fly fishing in The Bahamas?

Most importantly, you should practice casting in windy conditions. As with any saltwater trip, wind can be a major factor in The Bahamas. Also, purchasing the right gear, tackle, and clothing is important - use our recommended packing lists. You should think about your goals for the trip, so you can relay that to your guides. And lastly, figure out your travel logistics well in advance.

Is Soul Fly Lodge Family Friendly?

Soul Fly Lodge is best suited for solo, hardcore Bonefish and Permit anglers or fishing-oriented groups. Due to the remoteness of the lodge, there isn’t much else to do here other than fish or relax at the lodge. Keep in mind that the lodge does not offer non-angling rates.

How many other anglers will be there?

The lodge has a capacity of 8 anglers, making this a very intimate lodging and angling experience. On the flats, you will feel like you are in the middle of nowhere - because you are!

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes, purified drinking water is always available at the lodge.

How does money work in The Bahamas?

The Bahamian Dollar (BSD) is pegged to the US Dollar (USD), making them interchangeable. US Dollars are accepted everywhere, but change will be given in Bahamian dollars. Please bring enough cash to cover gratuities, departure tax, & incidentals.

Do the guides speak English?

Yes, all the guides at Soul Fly Lodge are fluent in English, which is their official language. Many guides also speak Bahamian Creole as well.

Do I need travel insurance?

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment. We recommend Travel Guard, a well-established insurance company that offers excellent, affordable policies designed for angling travel.


What happens if I'm injured or have an emergency requiring evacuation?

Every situation is different when medical and security emergencies happen. To ensure you’re protected when things don’t go as planned, we highly recommend our clients enroll with Global Rescue.


Is traveling to The Bahamas safe?

The Bahamas is generally considered a safe destination for international tourists. As with any international travel, use common sense and keep your wits about you. Once at the lodge, crime is of little concern.


What kind of electrical outlets are there?

Electrical outlets are the same as in the U.S. - 110 Volt AC power.


What is the weather like?

The climate of The Bahamas is subtropical with temperatures averaging around 80 degrees F throughout the year.  Lows during winter rarely drop below 60 and highs during the warmest months are only occasionally above 100.

Is there WiFi available?

Yes, complimentary WiFi is available at the lodge and in each guest room.

Are alcoholic beverages included?

The lodge has a self-serve bar which is well-stocked with beer and spirits. If you want to enjoy specific libations, you will need to purchase those before arrival.

What other amenities does the lodge offer?

Soul Fly Lodge features a 20x50 foot freshwater pool, a fly tying bench, a well-stocked fly shop, and easy access to a relaxing beach.

Is tipping customary in The Bahamas?

Yes, tipping is customary although it is at your discretion. Tipping 10-15 % of your trip total per person is recommended. Please plan on tipping in cash.