Simms WINDSTOPPER Foldover Mitt

Simms WINDSTOPPER Foldover Mitt 1

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Simms WINDSTOPPER Foldover Mitt Reviews

Warm but not when wet Review by Joe
Posted on 12/1/15
The previous reviews are spot-on...the half-fingers are perfect for on-the-stream work and the foldover mitt keeps your hands very warm; however, given that fishing often involves getting your hands a little wet, this glove may not be a great choice.

Simms makes a "Half-Finger Wool" pair of gloves that are half the price, allow for the same dexterity, but wick moisture and dry much quicker when wet.

The Windstopper foldover mitt is almost useless if they get wet. These mitts can absolutely handle some light rain and occasional water from handling fish, line, etc, but once the soak through, they will stay wet and not dry.

I understand that not many gloves can handle a full submerge in to the water, but personally prefer wool for its wicking and quicker drying when wet.
Able to withstand Minnesota Winter Fly Fishing Review by David
Posted on 8/21/15
In the Northland you need a pair of gloves that will keep your hands warm and also be flexible enough to provide finger dexterity for fishing related tasks. These gloves do the job. When you need to quickly tie on a new fly just flip over the foldover part and tie on your nymph. It's so simple and you don't have to take off the entire glove. Worth their weight in gold for the winter fly angler.
#1 Review by scott
Posted on 10/10/14
For sure the best gloves I have bought. Warm Comfortable,Easy to work with. The warmer pockets hold well and are non-intrusive

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