Shilton SR Fly Reel

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Shilton SR Fly Reel
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When you’re looking to tame true beasts of the water, you need a reliable reel and one that’s worth its weight in gold whenever you’re hooked up to the fish of a lifetime and proper performance is a must–Shilton’s SR series of reel won’t let you down. Like all of the reels that Shilton crafts, their SR Fly Reels have a classy look with top-tier performance to back it up. Built out of a high-grade 6082 T6 Aluminum, the SR Reel has a lightweight feel in hand with all of the corrosion resistance and durability you need to fish unforgiving environments without fail. The SR family of reels has a low-maintenance adjustable cork disc drag system that’s been increased in size in order to add stopping power while decreasing startup inertia. Designed for pursuing the heavyweights in both fresh and saltwater situations, Shilton makes their SR Reels for line weights 9 through 12, and while performance is the top priority, aesthetics are right behind with this reel’s wide range of color options and super sleek look. Whether you’re figure-fighting your way into a boatside eat that will be stained in your brain for decades or tugging on a tuna in bluewater, the SR Fly Reel has everything that you need to make these battles nice and easy. 



Large Arbor Design - Shilton didn’t make their SR Fly Reels for chasing native trout in a tiny steam, instead, they made it to withstand some of the toughest fish on the planet. In order to help you succeed, they’ve made each size of the SR Reel with a large arbor. This design works to increase your reel’s line capacity while greatly improving line pickup, so whenever you have a hot blackfin tuna headed straight toward you, you don’t need to worry about whether the slack line will get the better of you. 


Type II Andoziation - A reel that’s designed to be fished in brutal conditions without fail requires a finish that can hold its own, and you’ll never need to worry about the Type II Anodization on the SR Reel failing. This high-quality finish provides an extremely lightweight way to keep your reel safe from long days in the saltwater and those random parking lot accidents whenever your mind is focused on one thing: hooking big fish all day long. Not only does the Type II Anodization provide added durability to this reel, but Shilton also makes it in a range of colors so that you can dial the look of your setup in exactly how you like. 


6082 T6 Aluminum - The perfect choice for a reel of this quality, Shilton utilizes 6082 T6 Aluminum to craft their SR Fly Reels. This material is nice and lightweight and it provides corrosion and rust resistance that allows you to fish the salt for days on end without worrying about failure. 


Custom Processed Cork Disc Drag - At the heart of their SR Reels, Shilton incorporates a highly-developed custom-processed cork disc drag. This drag system is silky smooth, and with an increased diameter, it decreases your startup inertia and maximizes your drag’s stopping power–this is a reel that you can take to pursue ultratough and ultra-fast fish that demand top-notch performance in order to meet success. And although this drag is built to handle any fish that comes its way, its sound is worth mentioning, as both the incoming and outgoing noise is sure to put a smile on your face every time you’re using it. 

Materials - Shilton builds the drag on their SR reels out of a custom-processed cork. This high-quality cork offers a super smooth drag system and next to zero maintenance. 


Arbor Size
Large Arbor - Each reel in the SR family boasts a large arbor design. This construction allows you to pack as much line and backing as you need while also increasing your reel’s line pickup. A solid combination of benefits, this reel lets you chase those fish that pull drag all day long while the quick line pickup ensures that you’re keeping up with every beat of the battle.


Shilton Warranty - As of March 2023, Shilton provides a lifetime warranty to the original owner that covers the replacement or repair of parts or the reel due to defects in workmanship or materials. Shilton reserves the right to determine how each warranty will be handled, and should you encounter a repair that isn’t covered by Shilton’s warranty, they’ll quote you a price for the repair before proceeding. 


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Best for: All Water

Arbor Size: Large arbor




Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
SR94 in.8.5 oz.LargeDiscWF9 + 230 yd. 30lbs9Turquoise$1,019.00
SR94 in.8.5 oz.LargeDiscWF9 + 230 yd. 30lbs9Titanium$959.00
SR94 in.8.5 oz.LargeDiscWF9 + 230 yd. 30lbs9Burnt Gold$1,019.00
SR94 in.8.5 oz.LargeDiscWF9 + 230 yd. 30lbs9Blue$1,019.00
SR94 in.8.5 oz.LargeDiscWF9 + 230 yd. 30lbs9Purple$1,019.00
SR94 in.8.5 oz.LargeDiscWF9 + 230 yd. 30lbs9Red$1,019.00
SR94 in.8.5 oz.LargeDiscWF9 + 230 yd. 30lbs9Black$959.00
SR124.6 in.10.9 oz.LargeDiscWF12 + 350 yd. 30lbs12Titanium$1,159.00
SR124.6 in.10.9 oz.LargeDiscWF12 + 350 yd. 30lbs12Burnt Gold$1,229.00
SR124.6 in.10.9 oz.LargeDiscWF12 + 350 yd. 30lbs12Blue$1,229.00
SR124.6 in.10.9 oz.LargeDiscWF12 + 350 yd. 30lbs12Purple$1,229.00
SR124.6 in.10.9 oz.LargeDiscWF12 + 350 yd. 30lbs12Red$1,229.00
SR124.6 in.10.9 oz.LargeDiscWF12 + 350 yd. 30lbs12Turquoise$1,229.00
SR124.6 in.10.9 oz.LargeDiscWF12 + 350 yd. 30lbs12Black$1,159.00
SR104.3 in.9.8 oz.LargeWF10 + 285 yd. 30lbs10Burnt Gold$1,129.00
SR104.3 in.9.8 oz.LargeWF10 + 285 yd. 30lbs10Blue$1,129.00
SR104.3 in.9.8 oz.LargeDiscWF10 + 285 yd. 30lbs10Purple$1,129.00
SR104.3 in.9.8 oz.LargeDiscWF10 + 285 yd. 30lbs10Turquoise$1,129.00
SR104.3 in.9.8 oz.LargeDiscWF10 + 285 yd. 30lbs10Red$1,129.00
SR104.3 in.9.8 oz.LargeWF10 + 285 yd. 30lbs10Black$1,059.00