Scott Sector 2-Piece Fly Rod

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With their Sector family, Scott brings to the market a series of rods that can handle anything from tailor bluefish in heavy gusts of wind to massive tarpon laid up in the ‘groves. Replacing and building on their Meridian series, the Sector is a versatile tool in the salt–these rods work off of a fast-action blank built with Scott’s ReAct technology and high-quality componentry in order to deliver a rod that has enough power to cast into stiff winds while maintaining a level of accuracy that makes a heart surgeon jealous. Handcrafted in Montrose, Colorado, this two-piece version of the Sector is an excellent tool for those who have great saltwater fishing right in the backyard or who spend most of their time on a boat (for the traveling saltwater angler, the four-piece Sector may be a better choice). With fewer moving parts, the two-piece Sector provides a constant connection between your fly and your hand while preventing you from having to put all four pieces together every time you want to cast. And whether you live on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay and need a 7 weight for early season striper or you’re deep in the Keys and need something heavier to tackle bluewater species like blackfin tuna or kingfish, there’s a line weight in this series for it all. 


ReAct Technology - To provide flawless accuracy, impressive linespeed, and complete control, Scott begins their Sector with ReAct technology. ReAct Technology combines Scott’s X-Core technology with a clean taper and complex materials to give your rod swift recovery, so you never need to worry about those subtle vibrations killing feel or compromising your energy. 

Carbon Web Technology - In conjunction with their ReAct tech, Scott’s Sector series comes equipped with their Carbon Web Technology. Carbon Web makes your fly rod as durable as can be while increasing torsional stability, all by encasing the unidirectional fibers in a web of super lightweight multi-directional carbon fiber. 

And last but certainly not least, all Sectors come in a clean grey color with marine blue thread wraps that will have your mind on those foggy mornings fishing an incoming tide even when you’re stuck in back-to-back meetings on a Monday. 


CeRecoil Stripping Guides - CeRecoil guides are all-new and have nickel titanium frames with Zirconia inserts. This provides slickness that makes for consistent and clean line shooting and top-notch durability–whether it’s a tangled mess getting stuck when a huge tarpon takes its first run (let’s hope it’s not that) or just the accidental drop. 

Recoil Nickel Titanium Snake Guides - A great choice for this series, these durable snake guides are made from nickel titanium to minimize friction, prevent corrosion, and remain durable for years to come. 

Reel Seat

Uplocking, Aircraft Grade Aluminum - Made from aircraft grade aluminum with an uplocking design and self-indexing slide hoods, the Sector’s reel seat offers simplicity, long-term durability, and resistance to corrosion that simplifies things for the saltwater angler. The Sector also comes with line weight engravings for quick identification as well as extra deep knurling to make tightening with wet or tired hands as easy as can be. 

Rod Tube

Scott’s Sector series comes with an aluminum rod as well as a sock for safe storage everywhere you take it. 


As of May 2022, Scott offers a full warranty to the original owner for the lifetime of the product when bought from Scott directly or an authorized Scott dealer. In order to put this warranty to use, you must register your rod within 30 days of ownership. Scott’s warranty will cover just about everything with the exception of intentional damage, damage caused by neglect, theft, or lost/stolen rods or sections. 


More Info

Rod Action: Fast-action

Best for: Saltwater

Grip: Premium Flor grade wells shape with a fighting butt that features a thick soft rubber end

Ability Level: Intermediate (learn more)

Recommended Lines

ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Scott Sector 2-Piece 8ft 10in 7wt Fly Rod (7810-2)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt8ft 10in7GreyFast$1,045.00
Scott Sector 2-Piece 8ft 10in 8wt Fly Rod (8810-2)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt8ft 10in8GreyFast$1,045.00
Scott Sector 2-Piece 8ft 10in 9wt Fly Rod (9810-2)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt8ft 10in9GreyFast$1,045.00
Scott Sector 2-Piece 8ft 10in 10wt Fly Rod (10810-2)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt8ft 10in10GreyFast$1,045.00
Scott Sector 2-Piece 8ft 10in 11wt Fly Rod (11810-2)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt8ft 10in11GreyFast$1,045.00
Scott Sector 2-Piece 8ft 10in 12wt Fly Rod (12810-2)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt8ft 10in12GreyFast$1,045.00
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