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Fiberglass fly rods have long been an important thread in fly fishing. Scott’s first fly rods came by way of fiberglass in the 70s before graphite was invented. Similar to fiberglass’ never-wavering importance to the industry, Fiberglass has been a staple of Scott Fly Rods since the company’s inception. Today, Scott wraps age-old tradition and modern innovation into the all-new F Series. This high-performance series from Scott is made for accuracy inside 20 feet and power beyond typical fiberglass distances. The F Series is smooth, deep flexing, and lightweight. This series harkens back to fiberglass days of old with a contemporary twist marketed by Scott as “pure fun”.


E Glass - The blank of the F Series is made with Scott’s proprietary E glass. E glass is a unidirectional glass and epoxy composite. This means the F Series is light and responsive with increased line recovery speeds. This composite creates a stellar blend of classic glass feel and useful high-performance capabilities.

Taper, Fiberfuse, and Finish - Scott redefines fiberglass construction with the F Series. Scott’s Fiberfuse enhanced resin system is 20% stronger than typical epoxy resins. Utilizing slimmer tapers, redesigned hollow internal ferrules, and Fiberfuse technology, the F Series is lighter and stronger than ever before. The F Series sports a naturally finished, unsanded blank in a stylish orange color for improved strength and decreased weight.


Fuji SiC Stripping Guides w/Titanium Frame - The best rods start with the best components. Titanium guides are not only up to 65% lighter than stainless steel, they're also over 3 times stronger and totally saltwater safe. These guides are fitted with Silicon Carbide inserts that are diamond polished for reduced drag and improved casting performance.

Universal Snake Guides - Universal Snake guides add to the functionality and durability of the F Series. Universal guides feature radius feet, corrosion resistant design, and a self-lubricating finish to help fly line move effortlessly on the rod. Universal Snake guides also contribute to the rod’s superior line control capabilities and the ability to form sweet loops at close distances.

Reel Seat

Slide Band Over Cork - In line with traditional fiberglass rod construction, the smaller rod weights in the F Series sport a downlocking slide band and a cork reel seat. This classic design pays homage to the original fiberglass movement and decreases overall rod weight.

Uplocking CNC Milled Aluminum - Scott includes an uplocking CNC milled aluminum reel seat with a cork insert on larger rod models in the F Series. The uplocking reel seat helps anchor larger reels to F Series rods.

Rod Tube

Aluminum Rod Tube - The F Series comes with the same ultra-durable aluminum rod tube that comes with all high-price Scott Rods. It will protect the rod against even the meanest baggage handlers.


Scott Lifetime Warranty - The Scott F Series, like all Scott fly rods, is covered by the Scott Lifetime Warranty, which covers the rod for the life of the original owner. As of July 2015, the cost of these repairs is $50 and the turnaround time is about 4 weeks. Rods must be registered within 30 days of purchase to qualify for the warranty.

More Info

Rod Action: Medium

Best for: Freshwater, Dry Flies

Grip: Reversed Half Wells

Ability Level: Beginner - Expert (learn more)

Recommended Lines

We highly recommend using a creek specific line. Our favorite for small stream applications is:

Model Handle Length Line Weight Color Action Weight Price  
Scott F Series Fly Rod 5’ 8” 3wt Cigar 5 ft. 8in 3 Orange Medium $695.00
Scott F Series Fly Rod 6' 2" 2wt Cigar 6ft 2in 2 Orange Medium $695.00
Scott F Series Fly Rod 6'6" 3wt Reversed Half-Wells 6ft 6in 3 Orange Medium $695.00
Scott F Series Fly Rod 7’ 2” 3wt Reversed Half-Wells 7ft 2in 3 Orange Medium $695.00
Scott F Series Fly Rod 7’ 2” 4wt Reversed Half-Wells 7ft 2in 4 Orange Medium $695.00
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