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SA’s Titan Fly Line Series is a versatile one with a variety of tapers and styles to cater to anglers throwing large streamers. The Mastery Jungle Titan is built specifically for jungle fishing and works best when fished in a tropical jungle environment. With a heavy head and a short, aggressive front taper, the Jungle Titan turns over large streamers even in windy conditions. Use this line to target Golden Dorado, Peacock Bass, Arapaima, Arowana, and any other tropical jungle species. This line works best when partnered with a fast-action, high-performance rod that can handle a heavy line and large flies.



AST Slickness - SA has built a number of important features into this line. AST Slickness allows anglers to quickly shoot line with friction-minimizing performance. Welded loops on both ends allow easy leader/backing attachment. A braided multifilament core is strong and supple for versatility and durability. Tropi-Core Tech keeps the line slick and stiff in tropical climates. The Mastery series is built on a smooth line design so while you don’t get the features of the Amplitude Series, you don’t have to worry about burning your stripping finger or ruining your rod guides after heavy use.



Big Flies in The Jungle - This is a line with a heavy, short, aggressive front taper for tossing the largest streamers at Golden Dorado, Peacock Bass, and other predatory fish in a jungle setting. SA built the head two sizes heavy so you’ll never have to worry about turning over articulated streamers even in windy conditions. This line is ideal for boat or wade fishing and should be used as a highly technical line instead of a versatile, all-around fly line. If you’re going on a trip into the Amazon to chase the largest fish in freshwater, this is a line that will increase your chances of success.



Tropical/Warm - SA’s Tropi-Core Technology means that this line is built for tropical climates. Mastery Jungle Titan works best in water temps and air temps that are warm or tropical and the fly line is designed for maximum performance in a jungle scenario (think South America). Due to its warm water design, this line will shrivel in cold weather or cold water.



Short, Heavy Head for Quick Rod Loading - The WF8F version of this line has a 33.5’ head with a 30’ head weight of 310gr, 20.1g. That’s heavy. The first 30-feet of the line is significantly heavier than the AAFTA standard. That means that this line loads fast action rods at short distances and shoots big flies really well. While it’s a heavy line, SA designed that way - it’s a technical line for specific jungle angling scenarios and not meant to be used as an all-around, versatile fly line.


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Best for: Jungle, Big Flies


Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF10F90'420gr33.5'FloatingConch Tan/Horizon$79.95
WF9F90'365gr33.5'FloatingConch Tan/Horizon$79.95
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