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Whenever you find yourself in a tight situation with clear water and super-selective trout, let Scientific Anglers simplify things with their Mastery Double Taper Fly Line. A true double taper fly line, the Mastery Double Taper makes delicate presentations at short distances nice and easy. Made to excel when presenting dry flies and smaller nymphs over picky fish, the Mastery Double Taper is a joy to work with and offers stealth that’s tougher to get from a weight-forward fly line. Whether you’re casting tricos on a limestone stream or dropping Elk Hair Caddis into pockets on a clear creek, the Mastery Double Taper gives all of the finesse that you need. 



SA Line ID, Advanced Shooting Technology, and Improved Dry Tip - Scientific Anglers makes their Mastery Double Taper Line in weights 2 through 6, and to prevent you from grabbing the wrong weight, they’ve added their SA Line ID--this is a fast identification system found at the first 1’-2’ of the line’s tip. When you find yourself on a larger body of water, SA’s Advanced Shooting Technology (AST) is here to help score you a few extra feet. AST is a patented dry-slick technology that decreases friction for the life of your line, and even better, it also works to increase the life of your line by repelling dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Because the Mastery Double Taper is such a dry fly-friendly line, Scientific Anglers worked their Improved Dry Tip into the design. Employing a series of microballoons, SA’s Improved Dry Tip works to make your tip float higher, thus creating less drag towards the front of your line.      



Dry Flies and Nymphs - The Mastery Double Taper was made for fishing small and clear waters with dry flies and nymphs. Designed to effortlessly make soft presentations, this line is an excellent tool for presenting dry flies, but when you find that the fish aren’t looking up, you’ll have no trouble dunking nymphs into pocket water.   



Cold/Moderate - Scientific Anglers built their Mastery Double Taper Fly Line for fishing cold to warm water systems. This makes it a great choice for all trout waters, and should you find yourself in a backyard pond full of bluegill, you can get the job done with this line just the same.   



Double Taper - As its name implies, the Mastery Double Taper has a true double taper. This makes it a great tool when fishing smaller water with dry flies and nymphs or when soft presentations are paramount. And for those of us who love a bargain, you can get away with extending the line’s life by reversing it when one end wears out.      


More Info 

Best for: Freshwater, Trout, Panfish

Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)

Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
DT2F90ft80gr81.5ftFloatingDark Willow$79.95
DT3F90ft100gr80ftFloatingDark Willow$79.95
DT4F90ft120gr78.5ftFloatingDark Willow$79.95
DT6F90ft160gr75.5ftFloatingDark Willow$79.95
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