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Casting terrestrials over skittish browns in a slow-moving limestone creek or bombing nymphs and indicator rigs into a fast-flowing tailwater, no matter where or how you’re fishing, you can rely on Scientific Anglers’ Frequency Trout Line to help you succeed. Designed to get the job done while maintaining a modest price, the Frequency Line doesn’t skimp on quality and features a mid-length head and Advanced Shooting Technology to provide accuracy and precision when dropping dry flies as well as solid line control while nymphing. An all-around line that doesn’t break the bank, the Frequency Trout Line is sure to leave you impressed. 



Advanced Shooting Technology - Built to last and built to smoothly cast long distances, Scientific Anglers equips their Trout Frequency series with their Advanced Shooting Technology (AST). AST is a patented dry-slick technology that reduces friction in order to maximize distance. Also, AST repels dirt, grime, and other waterborne contaminants in order to preserve the life of your fly line.  



Dry Flies and Nymphs - Made as a solid general purpose trout line, the Frequency Trout Line excels when fishing dries and nymphs. With its mid-length head, this line provides delicate placement of dry flies and complete line control while nymphing riffles, pockets, and those slow deep pools. 



Cold/Moderate - Made as a trout fishing line, Scientific Anglers’ Frequency Trout is best suited in cold to moderate water temperatures. This allows you to cover anything from a cold freestone stream in January to a warm trout pond in June.  



More Mass Towards the Front of the Head - Scientific Anglers made their Frequency Trout Line without limitations, and its taper allows you to softly land dry flies as well as it mends over currents when fishing nymphs. Combining a mid-length head with a taper that focuses the mass towards the front of the head allows you to reliably make long casts while also giving you all of the line control that you need to pick up fish on the bottom of the water. A truly versatile trout taper, the Frequency Trout is a safe bet for most dry fly and nymphing applications.  


More Info 

Best for: Freshwater, Trout

Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection)

Sinking/Floating: Floating 


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