Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Titan Long Fly Line

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SA’s Amplitude Smooth Titan Long combines everything we love about the Titan Taper with an extended rear taper for slightly more versatility and increased line control. This is a freshwater line designed for the largest fish including Pike, Musky, Bass, and more. The line’s intelligent design allows anglers to turn over articulated streamers in windy conditions for power when you need it. The smooth design also encourages line shooting capabilities without a rough texture that will burn your stripping finger. Anglers who are looking for a big, heavy line to throw big, heavy flies at big, heavy fish will absolutely love this line. It’s one of the very best freshwater lines for all you streamer junkies out there.



AST Plus Slickness - SA has built a number of important features into this line. AST Plus Slickness allows anglers to quickly shoot line with friction-minimizing performance. Welded loops on both ends allow easy leader/backing attachment. A braided multifilament core is strong and supple for versatility and durability. The Amplitude Smooth Titan Long also has a smooth line design so you never have to worry about burning your stripping fingers with a textured fly line.



Big Flies in Temperate, Freshwater Climates - The Amplitude Smooth Titan Long is designed for throwing big, articulated streamers at Bass, Pike, Musky, Carp, and even Trout. This line features SA’s classic Titan Taper with an extended rear taper for better line control and mending capabilities. The powerful head of the line turns over bulky rigs really well and the heavy head loads fast-action rods quickly at close range. The line also encourages accuracy and mendability at longer distances and is a great line choice for anglers throwing big flies at a variety of distances in freshwater (lakes, rivers, etc.).



Cold/Moderate - This line is made to be used in cold and moderate climates including freshwater streams and rivers, lakes, and almost any climate. That being said, this line will turn limp in tropical climates and isn’t meant to be used in high heat.



Powerful Head with Extended Rear Taper - The WF8F version of this line has a total head length of 43’ and a 30’ head weight of 280 grains or 18.2 grams. This means that the line is built 2 sizes heavy for turning over big rigs. While the front taper is short, heavy, and aggressive, SA built an extended rear taper into this line that increases mending capabilities and provides anglers with superior line control. This line is a nice hybrid between SA’s classic Titan Taper and the SA Anadro line for the best of both worlds.


More Info

Best for: Freshwater, Big Flies

Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF10F90ft380gr/24,6g43.0'/13,1mSage/Moss/Dark Olive$99.95
WF5F90'245gr43'FloatingSage/Moss/DK Olive$99.95
WF6F90'280gr43'FloatingSage/Moss/DK Olive$99.95
WF7F90'320gr43'FloatingSage/Moss/DK Olive$99.95
WF8F90'380gr43'FloatingSage/Moss/DK Olive$99.95
WF9F90'435gr43'FloatingSage/Moss/DK Olive$99.95
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