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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Bonefish is a textured line designed to provide anglers with control and accuracy at middle/long distances without sacrificing delicacy. The Amplitude Smooth Series from Scientific Anglers features increased line durability, heightened casting performance, and great shooting capabilities. The taper of the line is a smooth medium-length which allows anglers to carry a lot of line in the air or make quick shots at shorter distances. This is a solid line for wading, casting from a skiff, or a combination of both. Amplitude Smooth Bonefish is versatile, intuitive, and a great companion in tropical saltwater scenarios.



AST Plus Slickness - SA has built a number of important features into this line. AST Plus Slickness allows anglers to quickly shoot line with friction-minimizing performance. Welded loops on both ends allow easy leader/backing attachment. A braided multifilament core is strong and supple for versatility and durability. Amplitude Smooth Bonefish offers a smooth alternative to the Amplitude series so you don’t have to worry about burning your stripping finger or dealing with a noisy line running through the rod guides.



Bonefish, Flats Fishing, Control, Accuracy - It’s no surprise that this line is built for Bonefish. Bonefish can be skittish, selective, and spooky so this line has a taper that focuses on accuracy and delicacy. It’s also important to be able to control your cast while it’s in the air while targeting Bonefish on the flats so SA Amplitude Smooth Bonefish also maximizes angler control. Choose this fly line for small flies, windless conditions, and when delicacy and accuracy are paramount.



Tropical/Warm - SA’s Tropi-Core Technology means that this line is built for tropical climates. Amplitude Smooth Bonefish works best in water temps and air temps that are warm or tropical and the fly line is designed for maximum performance in a flats/skiff scenario. Due to its warm water design, this line will shrivel in cold weather or cold water.



Medium-Length Head = Control and Accuracy - The 40’ head of this line allows anglers to make quick shots at Bonefish at close range or carry line in the air to make accurate presentations at longer distances. The grey/blue color camouflages into sandy flats for ultimate stealth. The WF8F version of the line has a 210gr, 13.6g head which is true to AAFTA standards for an 8wt line. SA has optimized this line for control, accuracy, and versatility and the taper reflects that. This is a line that will perform well on a variety of rods and in a variety of scenarios.


More Info

Best for:Saltwater, Flats


Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating


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