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The SA Amplitude Grand Slam is a line for the angler targeting multiple tropical saltwater species in a single day. SA made this line to be one of the most versatile tropical lines on the market, and they’ve succeeded. The line’s short, powerful head allows anglers to make quick shots to moving targets whether it's Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, or any other tropical saltwater species. It’s a line that loads fast action rods well and cuts through the wind so that you can turn over crab flies, shrimp flies, tarpon flies, and more. The Amplitude textured version increases shooting capabilities and provides anglers with a line that floats well and is extremely durable. If you’re an avid warm water angler or a traveling angler, this is one of the best all-around saltwater fly lines to date.



AST Plus Slickness - SA has built a number of important features into this line. AST Plus Slickness allows anglers to quickly shoot line with friction-minimizing performance. Welded loops on both ends allow easy leader/backing attachment. A braided multifilament core is strong and supple for versatility and durability. Amplitude Grand Slam also features a floating texture on the tip section and a shooting texture on the running line for floatation in the front half of the line and castability in the back half.



Multiple Species, Large Flies, Quick Casts - SA designed this line to be versatile but also focused. It’s a line that allows anglers to cast a variety of flies at a variety of distances for a variety of species. While it’s not as technical as other species-specific lines, it allows an angler to stay focused on the fish instead of changing spools. This is a smooth-casting, high-performance line that rewards anglers who are fishing medium-fast and fast action fly rods.



Tropical/Warm - SA’s Tropi-Core Technology means that this line is built for tropical climates. Amplitude Grand Slam works best in water temps and air temps that are warm or tropical and the fly line is designed for maximum performance in a flats/skiff scenario. Due to its warm water design, this line will shrivel in cold weather or cold water.



Short, Powerful Head - The WF8F version of this line has a 40’ head with a 30’ grain weight of 235gr or 15.2 grams. This means that it’s almost a line size heavy which helps load fast-action rods at short distances. The aggressive taper also contributes to the shooting capabilities of the line and the line’s ability to turn over larger flies like a big crab pattern for Permit. The head of this line was designed to cut through the wind and lay down flies with ease.


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Best for: Saltwater, Big Flies


Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF10F100ft405gr40ftFloatingPale Yellow/Sand/Horizon$129.95
WF11F100ft450gr40ftFloatingPale Yellow/Sand/Horizon$129.95
WF12F100ft515gr40ftFloatingPale Yellow/Sand/Horizon$129.95
WF6F100ft230gr40ftFloatingPale Yellow/Sand/Horizon$129.95
WF7F100ft255gr40ftFloatingPale Yellow/Sand/Horizon$129.95
WF8F100ft300gr40ftFloatingPale Yellow/Sand/Horizon$129.95
WF9F100ft335gr40ftFloatingPale Yellow/Sand/Horizon$129.95
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