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Sage has finally answered the market’s contemporary Trout Spey craze by designing a reel specifically for trout-sized two-handers. The Sage Trout Reel is made to balance a Trout Spey rod with increased weight and a solid drag system. Unlike other Spey reels, however, the Trout has a large arbor to help anglers pick up line quickly when fighting a fish. Add durable reel design and the Sage SCS drag system and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better Trout Spey reel anywhere.



Trout Spey Design - Sage built the Trout Spey to be a blend of classic aesthetics and modern performance. The reel is designed with minimal porting for a classic look and heavier balance, perfect for two-handed Trout Spey rods. The Trout Spey also has Sage’s SCS drag system, a concave large arbor for increased retrieval rates and capacity, and a one revolution drag knob for stellar adjustability.



Hard-Anodized Finish - The Trout Spey is finished with a hard anodize to protect the surface of the reel from corrosion and other wear and tear. Anodizing is a popular way to finish reels in the fly fishing industry because of its ability to preserve the integrity of the reel without adding unneeded weight.



Fully Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum - The Trout Spey is fully machined from 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum. After the reel is machined, it’s then cold forged and tempered for increased strength and rigidity. Sage used top of the line materials in the production of this reel and its durability and resistance to dings and scrapes is a testament to that.



Type - The Trout Spey functions on the famous Sage SCS (Sealed Carbon System) drag system. The drag is fully sealed and quickly dissipates the kinetic energy from high pressure on the drag system for increased performance and lasting durability.

Materials - The SCS drag system on the Trout Spey combines proprietary high-grade US-made carbon and detailed configurations to accommodate any angling scenario. These materials are extra-rugged for performance when it counts.


Arbor Size

Large Arbor - The large arbor of the Trout Spey increases line pickup and helps anglers fight freshwater fish on two-handed rods. The large arbor design of the Trout also increases retrieval rates and allows anglers to gain more line on any freshwater Trout.



The Sage Lifetime Warranty - As of January 2021, Every new Sage rod, blank and Sage reel is covered by a lifetime, original owner warranty. One of the finest warranties in the business, it covers defects in materials or workmanship as well as rods that fail due to misuse, negligence, or normal wear-and-tear. Repair fees are based on the age of the rod and Sage charges a $30 processing fee for rods that are part of the current lineup. For up to the minute warranty information, please contact Sage Repairs at 888-848-7243


More Info

Best for: Trout, Streamers


Arbor Size: Large


Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
1/2/33 11/16 in5 3/4 ozLargeSealed Carbon150 yds/20lb1, 2, 3Bronze$425.00
1/2/33 11/16 in5 3/4 ozLargeSealed Drag150 yds/20lb1, 2, 3Stealth/Silver$425.00
3/4/53 13/16 in7 1/4 ozLargeSealed Carbon150 yds/20lb3, 4, 5Stealth/Silver$425.00
3/4/53 13/16 in7 1/4 ozLargeSealed Drag150 yds/20lb3, 4, 5Bronze$425.00
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