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Sage’s R8 family of rods has been heaving in large fish and making casting effortless since its inception, and following that path with their single-hand R8 rods, Sage’s two-hand R8 series is ready for anything from casting Skagit heads in tight corners to making traditional downstream spey presentations on the Deschutes. Starting with Sage’s Revolution 8 Graphite Technology, these rods are ultra-lightweight, super responsive, and load flawlessly. Taking the three principles of proper spey casting techniques–the lift, the load, and the delivery–Sage’s R8 Spey Rods have a butter-smooth energy transfer through each step, making it easy to bomb those across-the-stream-casts or pick apart the boulder field that’s just downstream of you. Sage focuses on versatility across a wide range of casting situations and environments with their R8 Spey, and each model boasts a unique ability to handle a vast range of two-hand scenarios. Spanning over a dozen different lengths and line weights, rods in the Spey R8 collection run anywhere from a 15’ 10-weight to a 12’6” 5-weight, giving you options whether you’re looking to hook the freshest Atlantic on the Matapedia River, swing up some winter steel on the East coast, or crush aggressive bronzebacks on your local warmwater river. Each Spey R8 Rod is built with state-of-the-art components, offering features like Fuji K-Series “Tangle Free” stripping guides, an aluminum down-locking reel seat, Super-Plus Grade Cork Handles, and even a throwback color that’s sure to sing to the hearts of those who loved classic rods like Sage’s RPLX and their GFL series from long ago. An all-new rod and one that’s sure to up your two-hand game, the R8 Spey Rods are ready to swing, skate, drift, or strip your way into a variety of different fishing situations this season. 



Revolution 8 Technology - Revolution 8 (or R8) is Sage’s newest blank technology, and its key focuses lie in a combination of seamless fishing versatility–whether that be species, habitats, or conditions. The R8 Tech combines a stiffer backbone with an ultra-sensitive tip and consistent connectivity between you, your rod, your line, and the fish at hand. So how does Sage manage to pull this off? It starts with the use of a proprietary aerospace composite that allowed Sage to “dimensionally grow taper diameter more quickly from the tip” and then combines a nano-sintered resin application that enhances axial durability while placing additional fiber into the blank without increasing weight.

And although the R8 Spey Rods are built with fish-catching performance at their core, they come in a downright elegant Ale color with gold accenting thread wraps. Not only is this a truly timeless color selection, but it’s also inspired by the color of Sage rods that have been loved for decades–like we said, think back to things like their Graphite III series of rods, and you’ll quickly see how this color has been setting the bar for longer than most can remember. 



Fuji K-Series “Tangle Free” Stripper Guides - The perfect complement to an already lightweight rod that’s able to bomb casts and send line across wide rivers, Sage utilizes Fuji K-Series “Tangle Free” Stripping Guines in their R8 Spey Rods. Not only are these guides lightweight, slick as snot, durable, and anti-corrosive, but they feature tangle-free tech that prevents you from bombing a cast only to find your running line in a knot–this addition really is the best of all worlds. 

Hard Chromed Snake Guides & Tip Top - An industry standard that gives flawless performance and a look that just seems right, Sage’s R8 Spey Rods are equipped with Hard Chromed Snake Guides.  


Reel Seat

Aluminum Down-Locking (Up-Locking for Switch Models) w/ Walnut Insert Reel Seat - As equally functional as it is beautiful, Sage uses an aluminum reel seat with a walnut insert. This configuration locks your reel in no matter what anadromous fish is on the other end, and its walnut insert keeps things looking classy whether you’re swinging downstream or sipping a flask of Scotch after releasing the fish of the trip. 


Rod Tube

Bronze Aluminum rod tube w/ Granite Top and Sage medallion - Like everything in the grouping of R8 Spey Rods, the quality of the included rod tube is no exception. Housed in a Bronze Aluminum tube that’s equipped with a Granite Top and Sage medallion, this tube keeps your investment safe whether it’s tucked in airplane cargo or riding in a canoe on the way to salmon camp. 



The Sage Warranty - As of January 2023, every new Sage rod and blank is covered by Sage’s lifetime, original owner warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Limited to repair and replacement of the rod or blank, this warranty will not cover defects caused by fire, theft, lost rod sections, intentional breakage, modification and customization, or any damage caused during the building of a blank into a finished rod. Sage charges a processing fee to handle any warranty processes. 


More Info

Rod Action: Fast-action

Best for: All saltwater use–flats, beaches, rivers, and bluewater application. Streamers, poppers, crustaceans.

Sage Spey R8 Handle Specifics

Model Line Size Rod Length Handle
SPEY R8 5126-4 5WT 12' 6" 12" Fore Grip/4.5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 6130-4 6WT 13' 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 7116-4 7WT 11' 6" 11" Fore Grip/ 4" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 7126-4 7WT 12' 6" 12" Fore Grip/4.5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 7130-4 7WT 13' 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 7136-4 7WT 12' 6" 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 8116-4 8WT 11' 6" 11" Fore Grip/ 4" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 8126-4 8WT 12' 6" 12" Fore Grip/4.5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 8130-4 8WT 13' 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 8136-4 8WT 12' 6" 13" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 9130-4 9WT 13' 14" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 9140-6 9WT 11' 6" 14" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip
SPEY R8 10150-4 10WT 15' 15" Fore Grip/5" Rear Grip

ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Sage Spey R8 15ft 10wt Fly Rod (10150-4)Two-Handed Spey15ft10AleFast10 1/16oz$1,300.00
Sage Spey R8 13ft 6wt Fly Rod (6130-4)Two-Handed Spey13ft6AleFast6 7/8oz$1,300.00
Sage Spey R8 11ft 6in 7wt Fly Rod (7116-4)Two-Handed Spey11ft 6in7AleFast5 5/8oz$1,300.00
Sage Spey R8 12ft 6in 7wt Fly Rod (7126-4)Two-Handed Spey12ft 6in7AleFast6 3/4oz$1,300.00
Sage Spey R8 13ft 7wt Fly Rod (7130-4)Two-Handed Spey13ft7AleFast7 1/16oz$1,300.00
Sage Spey R8 13ft 6in 7wt Fly Rod (7136-4)Two-Handed Spey13ft 6in7AleFast7 1/4oz$1,300.00
Sage Spey R8 11ft 6in 8wt Fly Rod (8116-4)Two-Handed Spey11ft 6in8AleFast5 3/4oz$1,300.00
Sage Spey R8 12ft 6in 8wt Fly Rod (8126-4)Two-Handed Spey12ft 6in8AleFast7 1/16oz$1,300.00
Sage Spey R8 13ft 8wt Fly Rod (8130-4)Two-Handed Spey13ft8AleFast7 1/4oz$1,300.00
Sage Spey R8 14ft 9wt Fly Rod (9140-4)Two-Handed Spey14ft9AleFast8 11/32oz$1,300.00