Sage Circa Fly Rod

Sage Circa Fly Rod 1

  • Green Tea shaft color
  • Olive primary thread wraps with Slate trim wraps
  • Black aluminum winding check
  • Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • A great snub-nose, Half-Wells high-grade cork grip
  • Vera wood insert and black aluminum reel seat
  • Black rod bag with iridescent Black Hills Gold silkscreen
  • 1 5/8" Desert Gold-colored tube with black end cap and screw cap

The new Sage Circa Fly Rod is the perfect rod for anyone looking to reproduce a fiberglass feel with the accuracy of modern graphite.  The Circa sets a new standard for dry fly and small stream enthusiasts. 

Custom Cork Handle. Snub-nose, half-Wells grip. The cork is custom formed to match the exact taper of the CIRCA rod, providing a snug fit that helps communicate casting feedback for utmost accuracy.

Low-Profile Ferrules. The inherent strength of Konnetic technology allows us to reduce the weight of our all-graphite ferrule connections by nearly 70%. Improved aerodynamics plus lighter weight contribute to lighter blanks.

Reel Seat. The exotic, tightly grained Vera wood insert is perfectly accented by the black aluminum reel seat.

Round Tip Eye. This Sage-designed tip-top never pinches or binds the line, allowing the caster to make mends and cast in any direction with full control.

Green Tea Color. The CIRCA's elegant and inviting green finish is accented by Olive primary thread wraps with with Slate colored trim wraps. Slim Profile Rod Tube. Only 1 5/8" in Desert Gold color, plus a unique rod bag: like a chameleon, its gold silk-screened colors flash between gold and green in the light.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days within 24 Hours
Backorderable Available
Action Fast
Grip Type Single Handed
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Sage Circa Fly Rod Reviews

Much more versatile than I thought Review by TenaciousP
Posted on 2/14/17
I have this in the 589-4. I bought this for dry fly tossing out of a boat. But, I bought it in the winter and wanted to fight a fish on it. I have now used it several days on small/medium rivers for tight line nymphing. Its a sweet rod. While not ideal for this, it worked. It also throws little buggers great. Bottom line is that this is a lot more versatile then a dry fly only rod. That said, it is not for tossing any weight. It casts very smooth. I am using the RIO Gold WF5F on it.

Its not the rod for your only stick, but it is a great light weight add.
Love This Rod for Small Creeks Review by A-ROB
Posted on 11/26/16
I have the 489-4 and use it for small creeks in CO that don't have a lot of vegetation around. Plan to take it to Montana next year for the famous spring creeks there. It loads wonderfully at short distances which is exactly what I wanted. I'm a little concerned about its fish fighting ability on larger fish, but I love everything else about it.
First class operation. Sage Circa Review by Earl
Posted on 8/2/16
The Sage Circa is an outstanding fly rod. The action is very close to bamboo and fiberglass. I bought the rod from there old web site on the internet at $99 cheaper than they had on there main site. They honored the price and shipped the rod to me in 2 days. Great job for a class dealer.
The Best 3 Weight Around Review by David
Posted on 8/3/15
Doing the wiggle test alone will make you fall in love with this rod. The rod bends down deep through the mid-section and into the butt and grip of the rod. Imagine that bend fighting a trout! This rod is a breathe for fresh air in a fly shop full of fast-action rods promising top line speed.
Sage certainly is correct that the Circa is primarily for dry flies and light nymphing. And, after casting a some dry flies and watching how delicate they land on the water, you’re not going to watch to chuck some streamers with it. In terms of dry fly presentation, this rod is in a class of it’s own and will really make a difference on those days where trout refuse everything but the most delicate presentation. But make no mistake, this rod can handle nymphs either on an indicator or dropper. But why would you even want to do that?
If you’re looking for the ultimate 3 weight rod for your quiver, look no further. The Circa can everything you would want from a 3 weight. Distance shouldn’t be an issue either, I found 40-50 feet very doable with this rod. On the stream with this rod in your hand, the Circa is going to bring a whole new level of enjoyment you’ve never experienced to fly fishing. You won’t regret buying this rod.
Slow is awesome Review by Jeffrey
Posted on 3/16/15
From the moment I picked up this rod in the store I knew I had to have it, and bringing it home and giving it the going through was just confirmation. I caught well over 100 fish last summer on this rod and I can tell you every time you get one on you'll have a huge smile on your face.

As Troy mentioned its not as much of a one-trick pony as one would think. It can do the longer casts pretty decently, as well as handle some smaller streamers and light nymphing as well(although not as well as dries, come on).
Sage Circa 279-4 Review by Troy
Posted on 10/15/14
WOW is the first word that came to mind the first day I cast this rod. As a full time guide, I spend a lot of time on the water not only with clients but testing gear and I've yet to find better rods than Sage. This rod was able to make delicate casts accurately at 10 feet and at the same time I was able to belt 40-45' casts when needed. The river I guide, Elk River in WV, is famous for it's extremely small midge hatches (#28, 30, 32, 40, and smaller). We use 8X-10X tippet and this rod protects it extremely well even on fish in the 16-24" range believe it or not! I also found this rod to be awesome on the brookie streams where extreme accuracy is key! Overall, this is THE BEST small stream, small fly, delicate work rod on the market. PERIOD!

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